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Is it okay for a PE Newbie to pump?

Is it okay for a PE Newbie to pump?

On 6/22/05 I started the world famous Newbie Routine. On 6/30/05 my pump arrived, and I started a program which combines the Newbie Routine with advice in Pumping 101.

5 Min warm-up with heating pad
5 Min manual stretches
100 wet jelqs
10 Min pumping, 5 Hg
100 wet jelqs
5 Min warm-down with heating pad while also doing
50 Kegels (5 Sec holds)

I’ve since upped the stretching time, the number of jelqs and the time/number of pumping sessions in accordance to the Newbie Routine/Pumping 101. Everything has worked out well, and I am already seeing some good gains. I’ve had a little injury/anomaly that happened before I got my pump, and I think I’ve got it worked out. You can read about that here.

I’m happy with the way everything is progressing, and I think I’m being pretty safe/reasonable. Would it be okay to recommend this routine to other PE newbies?

Sure. We were all newbies to pumping when we started. Your routine sounds sensible. Just stay on the same track.

I read your anomaly post. I have a couple of the same thing but they don’t disappear with massage. Urologist said they are perfectly normal. Just very turgid veins.

You may see more veining develop as you get more into pumping.



As long as you do all the possible research you can on it and understand it completely then you should be ok

I know nothing about pumping(as yet!) but I wanted to comment on your routine. Taking it easy initally is the best thing I think anyone can do because your penis gets primed up wonderfully for the beating its going to take in the years to come ;)

Good Luck with your PE goals, and please update us as I would like to knwo your progress.

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