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Hydro pump

Hydro pump

Ive purchased a acme hydro pump but ive tried everything and can’t get any suction.Not sure if it’s a faulty pump or just me being a thicko(no instructions).I’m presuming that you fill the cylinder with about two thirds water and the other tank is just for overspill.Has anyone any tips on how to use it or have i got a faulty pump?

An Acme Hydro Pump? That sounds like something from a Road Runner/Willie Coyote cartoon.

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Maybe the coyote has special plans for the road runner.

Hey JO: Steve here. Acme is a good company. You probably just have some loose connections. I don’t know that pump, but most pumps have a diaphragn either leather or rubber inside which needs just a small 3-in-1 oil for lub.

Just write them—they’ll respond in a couple of hours.


Originally posted by chas123

Maybe the coyote has special plans for the road runner.

That reminds me of a cartoon drawing I once saw where coyote has got the roadrunner by the neck and he’s sticking his huge cock (obviously PE’d with the ACME hydro pump) up the roadrunners ass with the quote 'Beep Beep now you bastard' :D

lol.Ive spoke to the company and got a response the same day.I think it may have got slightly damaged while in transit.I know what the problem is and should be able to sort it.

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