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having gains!!!


having gains!!!

hi guys…..i started using an electric vacuum pump and thought i would be sore for life….but with time and finding the right lube i have made alot of gains. i was 7 inches now i am 71/2 in just a couple of months. my foreskin is much more…..i use a lube of baby oil, corn huskers lotion and my own sperm, of which i mix all together in a bottle. it is real splippery and takes the soreness out overnight….well really it stops the soreness before it begins. i am really pleased with my results and thank you for your board of which i got encouragment. thanks uncut101


That’s a serious gain. Good for you.

This may sound like Housekeeping speaking, but I am curious about the lube, which you have to admit is novel. If you are storing seminal fluid in a bottle along with other ingredients what assures you that the seminal fluid is is not becoming, over time, a nice culture for bacteria?

luvdadus? What do you think?



I think that if your seminal fluid used in the lube is relatively fresh, then its ok, otherwise I would worry about bacterial comtamination and infection.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

hmmmmmm………it is fresh ,,,,,not old sperm. i just know that it works….i always clean myself afterwards. do you think i should leave out the sperm out??? it is just a turn on …… a mind thing. but thanks for this board because pumping is fun!!! uncut101

Not necessarily. My concern is that its fresh not more than a day or so old and refrigerated till use. bodily fluids make a terrific culture media for germs.

If its fresh no problem, in fact I wonder if some unidentified prostaglandin or other chemical aided your gains (or it could be that it had absolutely nothing to do with it - I dunno).

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


I would like to hear your routine. Those are fantastic gains, congrats.


I eschew traditional lubes…but rather I use shave cream. Shave cream has anitmicrobial properties….I go for couple weeks without washing cylinder out….shave cream coats inside cylinder walls and dries…can”t imagine an bacterial growth…can you imagine bacterial growth on a bar of soap.

For a quick pump….I immerse my dick in warm water…slide into cylinder….residual water on my dick is sufficient to wet shave cream and make it slippery.

I’ve always pumped without a gauge with no problems. With gaugeless pump I can flush line out periodically as shave cream foams up and backs up.

Whatever works and is safe…

Just my experiences…

OR eon
65 yo

OR eon;

The shaving cream works well. What I don’t like about it though is that it completely obscures what’s happening within the tube. There are times when I like to track girth expansion visually. With shaving cream, that’s kind of like looking for a white dog in a snowstorm.

When OR eon first gave his shaving cream tip at another group we both belong to, I thought, “Great idea!” All I had was mentholated (lime, I think it was) shave cream. OMG, did that sting! For a good half hour!




I’ve been using shave cream for almost two years now…so I don’t think anything about it…I just go through motions.

I don’t use that much shave cream….just smear some over my knob…the knob will push shave cream forward. When I start out in 1 3/4 x 8” cylinder, my dick’s coronal ridge is always visible as it pushes against inside cylinder wall.

I pack 1 3/4 x 8” cylinder rather well so I can see my shaft. When I put my dick into 2 x 9” cylinder….I don’t need any lube…my knob is packing this cylinder and the shaft is beginning to pack.

It’s not regular routine that I go from 1 3/4 x 8 > 2 x9”….but when I do I’m always very pleased by the size of my dick’s dorsal and lateral veins.

To reiterate…I don’t wash my cylinders but about every two weeks…this may seem unhygenic but do you think bacteria grow on a bar of soap….that’s what dried shave cream is like.

As far as lemon-lime shave cream…that’s not given me any problems.
I use AndroGel and Unimed advises against applying to your nuts because of alcohol base that might sting. I’ve put AndroGel on my nuts and stinging was not that intense or sustained.

We all have different skin sensitivity.

Just my experiences…

OR eon
65 yo
HIV+ GayMan

Is an electric pump better than a manual pump? I heard that its really unnecessary but does it provide a better vacuum thus giving better results?

I would think a vacuum is a vacuum, and as long as it was able to be held, however it was created would be equal.

Don’t some of you guys use mouth suction to create the vacuum?

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

Originally posted by Wanna7.5
Is an electric pump better than a manual pump? I heard that its really unnecessary but does it provide a better vacuum thus giving better results?

I remember reading at or that best gains were achieved when you were pumping dick and nuts together….if your dick or nuts didn’t touch inner walls.

Pumptoys site gives directions for making such a cylinder using Sun Tea Jar, they are in season now at Wal-Mart, and are relatively inexpensive.

Using a Sun Tea Jar, I think you would need an electric pump to maintain vacuum in container with such a large cubic volume.

I’ve got Sun Tear Jars and electric pump….just haven’t drug my self to Ace Hardware to buy necessary hardware…..given at Pump Toys site.

OR eon
65 yo
Very Well Differentiate GayMan

The electric vacuum pump causes constant pump so i dont have to pump it all the time. I use it on my balls also….not at the same time, i dont have a big enough tube yet. uncut101

mouth suction

RB,Oreon, Uncut101, et al,

I strictly use mouth power on the connecting hose to create the pump vacuum in my cylinder. I haven’t used a gauge for about 2 years, since my last one cracked. With a good seal, I can achieve a pump that will hold its pressure for as long as I want. In comparing my experiences, mouth suction has been substantially easier to use in terms of getting a quicker and tighter pump on my dick. Plus it’s free!

I’ve never tried an electric pump, but it seems that this kind of ebb and flow regulated pressure could also be quite stimulating on the cock. I have a feeling that if I were to use such an electric pump, I’d definitely have to jack off after I was done pumping from all of the sensual stimulation. Am I right? (for those who use an electric pump)

I have collected four different size cylinders over the years, including a 1.75”, 2.00” and 2.5” diameters as well as one two-stage 3”-4” cylinder. I’ve pumped both my cock and balls together over the years and separately. My personal preference is to pump them separately. This way I have better control, especially when it comes to pumping up my dick. I’ve found that I can encourage length gains much better by using a cylinder for my dick only. My current favorite routines involve pumping my dick only with my 2.00” tube and then transitioning to my 2.5” diameter tube.

After I’m done on my dick, maybe twice a week I’ll pump my ballsac with my 1.75” cylinder. Why use this smaller size? Well, for me I’m trying to stretch the sac downward to create a lower hanging ballsac. Keeping the cylinder size smaller forces the stretch lengthwise on the sac and balls, rather than just ballooning them up using a larger cylinder. That’s where I’m at for now, always subject to change and experimentation.


You are right…..i do have to jack off after using the electric pump. Alot of pre-lube comes out of my dick. I guess it comes from so much pressure from the pump. Pumping my balls has really been a turn-on. Does anyone know where to find a tube for both balls??? Thanks. uncut101

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