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having gains!!!


Hey Uncut101,

You wrote: “You are right…..i do have to jack off after using the electric pump. A lot of pre-lube comes out of my dick. I guess it comes from so much pressure from the pump. Pumping my balls has really been a turn-on. Does anyone know where to find a tube for both balls???”

What size diameter cylinder are you using? If it’s at least 1.75” in diameter or more, you can just use what you’ve got to pump your balls. Just lube your sac, put the cylinder next to one of the balls and gently pump, pulling in the other ball. With the 1.75”, I get a real good stretch, which is better and more consistent than trying to stretch manually. With the 2.00” you can also get an excellent stretch, and a lot of circumference expansion on your sac.

I thought you’d have to jack off with all of the pumping stimulation. Although I didn’t get into pumping for physical pleasure, it is one of the great additional benefits. It just feels damn good!


I have a tube just big enough for my dick….i already have low-hangers so it would take a bigger tube for them. I pump for gains and pleasure. I like it so much that i would like to do it every night, but being uncut causes the forskin to be sore for a couple of days and then i go back to it. uncut101


One observation I have made over the years is that pumping does require a break of a day or so every now and then. I’ve experimented alot, and when I did try pumping daily for a period of time, I noticed that the effectiveness of my pump would decrease after several days. I believe that the penile tissues really do need time to recover. Then when you return to pumping, the next results are much quicker.

You’re also right about frequent, prolonged pumping causing sensitivity. The glans, in particular, can become temporarily more tender and needs a recuperation period.

Since you already have low hangers, stretching your ballsac more is not an issue. Still a 2-inch diameter tube used to pump your balls only should give you some noticeable plumped results. For me, and I think for others, pumping just the balls only doesn’t create the same kind of “donut” or sensitivity problems as prolonged dick pumping can do.


Originally posted by peforeal

The glans, in particular, can become temporarily more tender and needs a recuperation period.


Seems like I read at Tiger Dave’s Site
that one of benefits pumping wet, was less pressure on your dickhead.

Again, one of advantages of pumping without a gauge…you can pump wet.

OR eon

I was able to pump wet with a guage using my automotive pump. It has anattachment to catch fluid prior to pump, it’s more work than dry pump but is possible.

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