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I just got my boston pump which I am very pleased with, I am doing a set in the morning and at night, And for those of you that don’t know, I have been gone for a while. Just returning back to PE. My measurements are 6.5nbp (when completely hard) by 5 bottom shaft, 4.5 midshaft, and 5 uppershaft. My goal is to get whatever gains I can, Although I would like to go more specifically for length. I will definitely take girth though.

Could anyone give me an exercise routine to do with pumping? I am just kinda lost on how many days I should do it, Do it on my pumping days or off days? And what I should do? I am contemplating going on the newbie routine again while pumping, I don’t know though


Did you even look at the Pumper’s Forum? Vacuum Pumping 101

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Yes I did

Advocets routine is pumping every day for 10 minutes up to twice a day and then within every 2-3 hours. Other replies from other pumpers state that it is over trauma to pump every day plus do exercises even if the exercises are on, on and off days. I have read alot of other pumpers who do pumping sets and jelqing inbetween. I guess I was just wanting someone to help me think and decide what to do. =)

Just find what works for you. Even if you have pumped before, I still suggest following the pumping 101 routine.

Even though you pumped before you are a newbie again — you will need to slowly acclimate your penis.

As to the future, for me going beyond three 10 minute sets seemed counterproductive.

I did a few jelqs to warm up. I would build up to a new erection for about 5 minutes between sets.

I would do that, and then I would finish by edging for 10 or 15 minutes.

As far as “exercises” go I was doing this fantastic routine recommended by gprent (for 10 minutes)

gprent - New pumper question?

Originally Posted by gprent
For more consistent and better results try this.

Turn your pump session into an exercise session. While in the tube, alternate doing kegels and milking the tube. Do 50 kegels, then do 50 1-2 second milks where the pressure goes up 2 or 3 clicks. Keep repeating the kegels and milking until your 15 minute set is up and then exit the tube and jelq and then massage to get an erection before entering your second pump set. Whenever you are pumping, do your kegels and milking. If possible, make your final 15 minute set an erection massage so your cock holds the post pump size while you enjoy yourself.

Try this for a week and see if things don’t improve.

Sounds really interesting!

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