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New pumper question?

new pumper question?

I have been pumping pretty consistent now for about 1 and one half original starting girth was ~5 1/8
midshaft / 5 3/16 base. so far after one month pumping I have measured my girth at best to be 5 1/2 midshaft/ 5 5/8 base. now I was very excited to see this the problem however is that it has since been unrepeatable.The following two sessions have given me a nice pump,but still well off the size mentioned this normal,are some sessions just better than others with all things being equal?I feel like I should be steadily increasing in the pump,not falling back or coming out with less than my previous max size.I suppose my question is to you guys,do
you experience the same thing?

this is my routine,please critique if you see anything obviously wrong with it
session 1 about 25-30 min at 1-3.5 hg with heat pad wrap try to stand atleast 10 minutes of session
session 2 ” ” at 1-4 hg ” “
session 3 (there is not always a session 3) 10-15 min at as close to 5 hg as I can stand

between sets I do jelqs and squeezes for 2-5 minutes before going back into the tube

sometimes I will skip the jelqing between sets,do you think this effects the end pumped size?

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For more consistent and better results try this.

Turn your pump session into an exercise session. While in the tube, alternate doing kegels and milking the tube. Do 50 kegels, then do 50 1-2 second milks where the pressure goes up 2 or 3 clicks. Keep repeating the kegels and milking until your 15 minute set is up and then exit the tube and jelq and then massage to get an erection before entering your second pump set. Whenever you are pumping, do your kegels and milking. If possible, make your final 15 minute set an erection massage so your cock holds the post pump size while you enjoy yourself.

Try this for a week and see if things don’t improve.

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