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Excess skin.please adivse

Excess skin.please adivse

This has been a problem I have battled on my own for years, until last night it popped into my mind to ask on here. I use a LA pump dist cylinder. I love it, I just have excess scrotal skin which gets sucked in and takes away from my base and the rest of my dick from getting a pump. Does anyone know of anything I can put in the base, any sort of sleeve etc to counter act this? I know a sleeve would work for my “straight wall” cylinder because they would easily fit around the bottom.

Seriously, anyone? Maybe the pumpers forum isn’t too active. I know this isn’t a problem only I am experiencing.

A leather ball stretcher and the right size tube works great for me.

ironaddict69, another idea: some have used a soft cloth wrap of some kind at the base of the scrotum, or a wrist wrap type of velcro strap.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Why did I not think of this! Awesome, thanks guys.

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