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excess skin

excess skin

hi guys,

very new to pe, am starting with the newbies excercises, but have one problem when trying to jelq. i have excess skin at the base of the penis, and when trying to jelq, all that seems to happen is grabbing hold of this excess skin, and so not being able to do the jelq routine at all. would be gratefull if someone could pass some ideas to me. many thanks.


Have you tried using more lubrication? That usually helps me.

If that doesn’t work you can always hold the skin back with one hand and jelq with the other (might not be to your liking though).

hi icm,

many thanks for your prompt reply, will try your suggestions. really enjoying the site, wish i’d found it a long time ago.

Try searching for information on “Dry Jelqing” and see if this helps you. Basically, you just jelq by sliding you skin under your fingers along your shaft. I personally use the “C” grip which works well.

thanks for your reply ’ haha’, more than willing to look into any program that will assist me in my quest for more length & girth, as the normal jelq seems to be out of the question in my case.

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