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Excess foreskin problem

Excess foreskin problem

Now hold up folks, I know this doesn’t really belong here, it should be in ‘Not Covered Elsewhere’, but in order to post there, I need a postcount of 50 - which I clearly don’t have, so it’ll have to be here.

Ok, now I think I might have a bit too much foreskin, I don’t think jelqing is gonna help improve the situation much. Now it only becomes an issue when having sex. I don’t know if this is a problem other guys have or not, allow me to explain. Right, when erect, I can still pull my foreskin to cover, say 95% of my penis. When doing the ol’ in-and-out it comes into play and starts to move up and down my shaft, which I find a little irritating. I personally want to get as MUCH stimulation as possible to my glans, in order to achieve this, it means that I have to hold my foreskin taunt at the base of my shaft meaning I have one less hand to enjoy all the goodies on offer. I don’t want to do that, so I’ve settled with my foreskin ‘flapping’ around.

When using a condom, it’s the same story… I thought I could rectify this by the way I put a condom on. After unraveling it all the way to the base with my foreskin pulled back, I would stuff my foreskin excess into the condom and the condom would hold it, and my foreskin would remain taut. That was the theory. It didn’t work :( .

I’ve thought about circumcision, but I don’t know if I’m taking this a bit too far and I don’t like the prospect (although unlikely) of it being cut too tight, then having to do some extra stretches to get it back :/.

So, what’s the score? Anyone else experience this? Any solutions? I think I tried an elastic band once… was a bit too tight, made my dick choke and go the wrong kind of purple.

I don’t really notice my foreskin creeping back over the glans during sex. It’s not something I can feel. However, we as uncircumcised men have the added bonus of a more sensitive glans than circumcised men. When I am making love, I will occasionally pull my penis out and retract the foreskin all the way. I find that this is very stimulating and engorges my penis with a nice pump before I stick it back in. I’m sure you have done this yourself, does that remedy the problem at all? If you are really bothered by this, I can’t think of any other solution than circumcision.

Its 20 posts you need and surely the solution is get a bigger unit so the skin barely covers it anymore :D Ideally, the foreskin should retract from the glans when you get hard and any loose skin rest at the base of the glans

If you think you are better when having it off just take it off. Talk to your doc and you are done. Jews do not die so you wont die eather. Even when being 250 years old… .


I have the same condition as you but don’t have the problem of it ‘riding up’,as it were.

Is your glans the same sort of girth as the shaft. If it has less girth then that would allow the foreskin to ride over easily,

So the answer to that would be to do some glans girth enhancing excercises. It might be worth doing a search or perhaps a member can point to articles on the subject.

Have you tried a cock-ring that is fairly tight when you are erect and can hold the foresking back that way?

If that still rides up then the only answer I could suggest for that is probably not in keeping with the decorum of this forum

But getting back to the subject,

Some members who have been cut have mentioned that the surgeon left ‘more forskin on than is usual’ allowing the forskin to partly cover the penis. So it might be possible to have part of it removed leaving your unit covered when flaccid and keeping the sensitivity.

Not tried a cock ring, have been thinking about it though.

Lol, yeah I had thought that getting a bigger unit would solve the problem, but I thought with all the jelqing getting there, it would have kept pace so it would STILL cover my piece even after PE.

My glans is… erm… about equal to my shaft, perhaps marginally narrower.

Yes if the Glans is narrower then it will naturally allow the foreskin to slide over it. Have a look at some of the threads on the glans and see if they can help, but caution is advised as it is easily damaged. I did some damage when I first started (beforeI came to Thunders place) and was peeing sideways.

Originally Posted by petitfaun
I did some damage when I first started (beforeI came to Thunders place) and was peeing sideways.

Sorry petit, but the way you put that was so funny. I have an image on you standing in a public urinal and everyone to one side becoming increasingly embarrassed thinking they are wetting themselves and totally mystified as to how, when really it is you all the time. Then you give it a final wiggle and drops somehow land on their faces and they are now completely perplexed, while you dander on past with a look which lies somewhere between concern and distaste, with not so much as a spot on your shoes. Sorry. :bigwink:

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Your description is a classic! I can’t stop giggling as I’m writing this!!

Yeah I hav the simmilar problem here.having foreskin increase our I think iam ejaculated soon.and hav to take my penies out of my girl pussy sooon.I hav tried exercising the pc muscle .but it doesn’t hav improved my time.I thought of going into circum.but do you guys hav any other methods to incresase my longitivity in sex.


this might be of interest:

Ucdf - Foreskin and PE

regards, mgus

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