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TheraP band

In the past someone posted relative to using a cock/ball band with alternating copper and zinc discs. The idea was to produce a small electrical battery which continually subjects the gonads to this therapy. As I remember it was a cure for impotence. Anyhoo, was interested if replacing the magnets with alternating cu-zn discs would be of value.

Do you guys ever wash your wrist straps?


There is no replacement for displacement


Yup. I do mine in Woolite.



I bought the same exact product that peforeal mentioned, ‘Homedics TheraP Velcro Wrist Strap’ at Walgreens, but it just doesn’t work for me. From reading everyone’s successful experience with this I thought I would benefit from it as well. No matter how tight I wrap the strap around the base of my erect penis, I still lose my erection until it gets very small. My penis stays engorged only for 5 minutes; minute by minute it’s gets smaller and smaller. I even tried the opposite; first wrapped the strap around my flaccid penis tightly and worked up to an erection. After a couple minutes the same thing happens, I lose my erection completely; it’s not even partially engorged. I need something tighter to keep my penis engorged for a longer time. Can someone please pm me or post a good type of cock ring for me that will keep my penis engorged for several hours. I appreciate it, thanks.

I don’t remember who mentioned it, or in which thread it was mentioned for that matter, but a big Thank You to the person who recommended “ACE self-adhesive” bandages.

I am so used to wearing my Thera P (and the looks that I get when I’m wearing it) that I was wondering how to handle ‘air travel’ with such a device on my person. Well…the Ace bandage solved that problem, same appearance, no metal.


Glad to read that you’re getting effective use from your TheraP strap,and that you’ve also found an excellent alternative with the Ace Self-Adhesive bandage, especially when flying and trying to avoid those pesty metal detectors. I definitely do not wear the TheraP strap when making airplane trips. It would be pretty embarrassing if security ran their metal detector wand past my crotch and the buzzers went off. I also use the Ace Self-Adhesive bandage to wrap the area below my glans when vacuum pumping. This helps to prevent any unwanted fluid buildup in that area or the “donut” effect.


Do you have another link on where to purchase online? The embedded link from ages ago doesn’t work anymore.

Thanks avocet and peforeal… this wrap is great.


You are most welcome!



How many wraps of the ace bandage do you use to prevent the donut?

Also, have you ever had a blister from pumping?

BTW - I got the wrist wrap and like it a lot.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


I use about a 12 inch piece of ace self-adhesive bandage and wrap the area firmly right below the glans. Once I’m done pumping, I leave the wrap on for at least 1/2-1 hour and then remove. Now my pumped dick has a nice even thick look from base to glans without the donut effect.

Early on in my newbie pumping days when I was naive, uninformed and without the advice of this Forum, I got a water blister through pumping two times. I can attribute it to too much pressure and too long in the tube. I’ve since learned my lesson, and haven’t had the problem anymore. By the way, the blisters occurred on my glans (head), and it took about a week to heal.


I’m wearing one now after re-discovering this thread! First day, and it feels great!


Great to hear! I love passive PE techniques.


A little update in case anyone doesn’t want to have to order this online. First of all I couldn’t find the wrap at either wal-marts or walgreen’s website.

But I went to walgreen’s anyway and couldn’t find it. Then I went to one of the local supercenter wal-marts and after my own little wal-mart adventure managed to find one. I think I payed 8.50 for it.

I have it on now and it seems to be working great, thanks for the suggestion pe.


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