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Originally posted by northstar
One other nice little bit for those undecided on whether to start with the wrap…

You risk absolutely nothing by trying it.

(Well…OK, $10)

It's not like a Ulie thing (my cock might burst!), a bend excercise (Ack! What if I get Peyronies!), Jelqing (I don't trust the Arabs…), streching (ED?), Blasters (my hands are too big!), etc…


After reading posts by Peforeal, I’ve switched to wrapping both my dick and nuts. I started out wrapping only my dick.

Too soon to tell if any significant changes…

OR eon
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Originally posted by peforeal

As you can see through your own experimentation, you can control the degree of “bulge show” that you can get with the velcro wrap and whatever combinations of freeballing or using briefs/boxers you choose.

I'm not an exhibitionist by nature, and at the college where I teach, I generally keep myself in check. But every now and then, it feels great to just go for it and enjoy some of the fruits of all this PE labor. Your day will come and probably sooner than you think. Best…


Posts in this thread have brought to mind, how some gay men that wore/wear Levis 501 button fly leviis, would purposely leave next to last button unbuttoned. It was a very clever way to draw attention to your package.

Imagine such a man is walking towards you and you casually clance at him….that unbuttoned, silver button against blue denim background will very compellingly draw your eye to his package; just a tenent in contrast.
Generally these men were free balling also and some had their dick running down a leg.

I did in 80’s and 90’s. Not sure gay men do practice that, that much anymore.

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Originally posted by rainsea
oreon and avocet8, thanks for the reply!

Cause I use baby oil when jelqing, I have to wash it right after PE. I guess I will have to stroke to achieve a hard-on, and then wear the wrap.

I don’t worry about getting an erection to use TheraP wrap….if I could do that I would not be so involved with these two sites……/?yguid=4213886…-Impotence-ASI/

I’ll pump my dick for ~ hour then wrap my dick and nuts with TheraP.
I sit on edge of chair and let my dick and nuts dangle down and pull wrap as tightly as possible.

I’m a nudist at home and when I go out I prefer to wear briefs.
Showing a bulge is not high priority for me….I would like to regain flaccid “hang” I had when younger….now my dick is more like a rubber band dick.

Just my experiences…

OR eon

dump the briefs

Avocet8 wrote:
(“I think either freeballing or boxers is the way to go when wearing this wrap, if you can get used to the initial feeling of being “exposed.” If we’re all bound up in briefs, then the feeling of movement of pants fabric against genitals doesn’t occur and those “micro-erections” we often experience during the day are less likely to happen, too. When our brain turns on to a visual stimulus or sexual thought during the day, blood moves to the penis. Similarly, just walking down a street while freeballing can be a stimulation in itself, causing blood flow and some entrapment. It’s not necessary to keep getting bona fide hard-ons, while wearing this thing, only to heal from your PE stress in a slightly larger state than norma as frequently as you can. The more opportunities there are to be a bit engorged, the better for flaccid gain.”)

I couldn’t agree more to not wearing tight briefs, if they’re not needed. I absolutely find it true that in a freeballing state and wearing the velcro wrap around my dick and balls, I experience subtle lingering engorgements all day long. This has got to be excellent for training my dick to stay in a larger state as the status quo. When I wear briefs, the constriction does not encourage these lasting engorgements.

By the way, I’m not talking about obvious raging hard ons, but a nice 40-60% semi erection. When I wear the velcro wrap firmly around the base of my dick only, I experience much firmer engorgement in the 60-80% range. I don’t wrap this way, unless I’m at home or wear very loose fitting denim pants or shorts when out. The bulge and outline of my dick are very noticeable and completely exhibitionistic. I’m not into “shock cock” with the college students taking my classes or the college staff, but I can certainly go for a little “he’s got to have a big one”.



Keep us posted as to how changing to wrapping your dick and balls is working for you.

Also, when I’m home by myself, I definitely prefer the freedom of no clothes just hanging around the house, doing my PE or whatever. Liberating!

Good luck on gaining back the flaccid hang you used to have.



I can wear TheraP wrap all day comfortably.

While TheraP wrist wraps are readily available at my local Walgreen’s, I think I’m going to pick up one more for back-up; I don’t have OCD, my b/f does…he would buy maybe six…<grin>.

OR eon

Yeah, I myself experienced the best feeling when wearing Thera-P wrap in freeballing status, and if adjust the wrapping tightness properly, the bulge can also be controlled to be noticeable but not so huge.

Yesterday, I wore the wrap at work all day, and only took a break during lunch time. After going home, I found it was really hang in flaccid.

I have another question. Do you think if the wrap will affect the increasing of the erect length when it improves the flaccid hang?


Funny you should mention picking up a backup TheraP velcro strap. I just went back to Walmart yesterday to buy two more for the future. Just in case, there’s a run on this item at the local store, I want to be sure to have
my future needs taken care of. At least I didn’t buy all that they had in stock, so I must not have OCD right?


I’m glad you’ve experimented with the tightness of how you wrap. You really can have control on the amount of dramatic bulge you want to create while keeping your dick in a semi-engorged state for hours. To answer your question, I’m not sure if the wrap will necessarily help erect gains. But’s that what the other exercises are for. What I’ve been personally discovering is that the wrap is helping me increase my flaccid size more toward what my erect size is. For me, the biggest hanging flaccid size I can get is now my main goal.

Take care,

Peforeal, I understand what you mean!

Wearing wrap more or less restricts the blood circulation of the penis. After other PE exercises, penis need the good blood circulation in order to recover and gain. What I am concerned is whether wearing wrap will reduce the recovering and gaining speed or not.

I want to increase my flaccid hang, and I want to keep my erection size gaining speed at the same time. Maybe I’m worrying about too much! What do you think?


It would be so much better if PE were an exact science, but unfortunately it is not. I think I understand what you are worried about, but I think it’s unnecessary.

Method 1. If you choose to wear the velcro wrap around both your dick and ballsac, the pressure applied is sufficient just to keep your dick reasonably engorged and your ballsac comfortably stretched. Circulation still is good, unless you have wrapped with extreme tightness. Even this would be difficult to overdo around your dick and balls, given the pliability of the velcro wrap. All of this should not be impacting the other work that you are doing on making erect gains. I can wear the wrap for hours and hours this way.

Method 2. If you choose to wear the velcro wrap tightly around the base of your shaft only, there is much more constriction of bloodflow, as in fact you are creating a kind of enduring “squeeze” at the base. This is why I suggest wrapping and unwrapping more frequently in this case to reinitiate normal circulation using some dryjelqs, etc. Wearing the velcro wrap tightly around the shaft base really squeezes the bloodflow into the shaft. Definitely take breaks every 20-30 minutes or so, using this technique.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


Peforeal, thanks a lot for the reply!

It is very helpful and really removes my worry! Cheers!

God I want one of these so bad!!


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It’s a cheap $10.00 investment. Head on down to the local Walmart.


Our local Small-mart doesn’t have them. I’ll have to wait until I’m out of town… :(

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I don’t think you’ll regret it, RB. The bulge alone is worth the ten bucks, and it’s all you.




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