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I guess the Walmart and Walgreen nationwide inventories are not consistent. I’m glad you were finally able to fine one.


After reading this thread I went to walgreens and though I couldn’t find the the magnetic wrist support I did find a brand called Futuro. It’s a wrap around wrist support and is fastened with velcro. It doesn’t have any magnets in it. It’s 3 inches wide and 11 inches long and 1/16 of an inch thick. I’m going to give it a try. What’s kind of funny is as I was about to leave I saw the cashier take a glance down at my croutch. Unfortunately, I haven’t felt so great today and it wasn’t hanging too good. Usually it hangs around 4 1/2 to 5 soft and I can get some looks if I happen to have on jeans that don’t hide it too much. But I wonder if it was even hanging 4 inches at that moment and was even thinner than usual so she may not could have seen anything much. I immediately thought dang I wish I had been wearing this wrap. I hope this helps get me bigger and longer PE effects, and also more bulge attention at times :) .

I haven’t figured out which way I want to wrap yet. If I don’t like the 3 inch wideness I will probably trim to it 2 inches wide or maybe even less than that. Since it doesn’t have magnets in it I don’t see any reason why I can’t trim the width to what will be the most comfortable and will appear the most natural in my pants but still get the job done. This product is 1/16 of an inch thick before wrapping begins. Anyone know how thick the magnetic thera wrap is that is discussed in this thread?

Originally posted by beenthere
After reading this thread I went to walgreens and though I couldn't find the the magnetic wrist support I did find a brand called Futuro. It's a wrap around wrist support and is fastened with velcro. It doesn't have any magnets in it. It's 3 inches wide and 11 inches long and 1/16 of an inch thick. I'm going to give it a try…….).

Hi beenthere,

I’m glad you were able to find a non-magnet substitute for the Homedic Strap. There is also an ACE Velcro Elbow strap that has the right shape and wrappability too, for guys who can’t find the Homedic TheraP strap. Good luck with using it. You’ll definitely get the immediate larger pants bulge and hopefully some longterm flaccid gains from keeping you dick and ballsac slightly engorged while under the wrap.


Thought I would post and possibly save someone from going out and getting the Futuro velcro wrist band product I bought. The velcro connection is positioned at a distance that makes it impossible to hook together just doing penis alone. I could make it work by doing ballsac and penis together but it was unconfortable. I even tried cutting the width down but it’s just not working for me.

I’ll either look some more for the magnetic wrap or I may get the ace elbow wrap. Let me ask what may be considered a stupid question—-I know about the risk to circulation and just how careful one must be. I am by nature a very careful person anyway. If I were to take a sock strip, say cut to 1 inch wide and put a rubber band around the sock to hold it in place wouldn’t that work well if the rubber band was only put on with just a little over minimum pressure needed to maintain some engorgement—not put any kind of pressure that would cut off blood dangerously. Using a soft rubber band should allow for it to contract a bit or increase along with the penis. It would actually be sunken a bit into the sock strip and not really be cutting into the penis itself. I’m only saying to do this like for a brief time around the house after PE and possibly wearing for a brief trip to the store. I’m not suggesting sleeping with it on of course. What doyou think?


Sorry the Futuro wrap didn’t work for you. Now, that you’ve clarified that you want to wear the strap only around the base of your dick, even the ACE elbow strap that I referred to may be too large. It does work excellent for wrapping dick/ballsac at the same time though. The Homedic TheraP works great for both dick only wrapping and dick/ballsac wrapping, although I believe that most guys are wrapping both dick/ballsac.

You have nothing to lose by doing your own experimentation with home creations. Just be careful to always monitor circulation, tightness of your wrap, coldness of the glans, etc. and never go to sleep with these homespun designs on. I’m always trying to create new PE items myself from household inventory. Necessity is the mother of invention!


Peforal—-Just one more thing I want to throw in .I just did a search of “sock and rubber band” and the only finds were this one and 3 others posts concerning hanging(and I don’t think rubber band was involved in those). So it appears I may be the first person to mention this version of what you have brought to light in this thread. I think I’m going to give it a careful test tomorrow and see how it goes.

(Stop the press! :) I posted this paragraph above and when I was returned to the thread page I saw you had already replied— This is my edited add on.)Thanks.

Hi everyone i just want to make sure i get this right, i wrap the TheraP around both the shaft and the ball sac at the same time? So they would be wrap together?

what is best for flaccid length gain, ball wrap, shaft wrap or both wrapped at the same time?


I just responded to your PM, but I’ll also post here for broader information sharing.

By around the dick/ballsac, I mean using one homedic strap which is wrapped around and under the ballsac and also your cock TOGETHER. It’s easier to put it around both your dick and ballsac and can be worn comfortably for hours this way. If you wrap it firmly around the base of your dick only, you need to check it more frequently (every 20 minutes or so)every now and then, unwrap for improved circulation and then rewrap. Both methods can give results for good flaccid gains. It’s a matter of personal preference, so try and see what works best for you.

Good luck,

Would Target have the magnetic wrap?

There is no Walmart where I live.

Originally posted by neverenuff
Would Target have the magnetic wrap?
There is no Walmart where I live.

Wow. I thought every town that had a McDonald’s also had a Walmart.

If you have a Long’s Drugs or a Walgreen’s Drugs, try them. More expensive but I believe they both carry TheraP products. Longs does, where I live.




One of my main motivations for getting into PE was to increase flaccid size. On a good day I was about 2.5”. Very frustrating to have got good erect gains in length and girth and see little change in flaccid hang when I expected that increase would be proportional to erect gain.

I’m going to guess at the time it took but I think it was early fall of last year that I started wearing an adjustable, 3 snap leather cock/ball ring after my PE workouts. I wore this for about 4 hrs after pumping and manual routines. By spring I had about doubled my previous flaccid length. At about that time, peforeal told me about his discovery of the TheraP wrist wrap. I switched to that and found it a lot more comfortable to wear under street clothes, although I felt at first kind of awkward with my new-found pants bulge. (The TheraP wrap pushes everything farther out than the leather band does.) In a couple months I was normally 6 x 5.5 flaccid, but with the usual variations owing to heavy exercise or temperature changes. I would estimate I wear the TheraP wrap for five or six hours a day, sometimes longer when I forget I have it on.

Another tip: because I almost always have a hard-on when I wake, I got in the habit of putting the wrist wrap on around that (cock and balls) when I get up. This seems to help, esp. if I’ve done PE the previous day.

I don’t know what else to attribute the flaccid gain to; unless I was such a slow flaccid gainer that somehow the flaccid size just finally “caught up” with the erect gains I had made. I don’t frankly care having got to where I wanted to be, flaccid. I often get crotch-gazed by women now, men too, and am no longer at all pee-shy in public mens’ rooms. That’s plenty of reward for me and worth the time it took.

Is it permanent? At least as permanent as erect gains are. I haven’t seen any flaccid loss in the months since I got to this flaccid size.



Peforeal and the rest of you guys here are just great!! It’s so gratifying to hear from so many guys and learn so damn much. I’m new here and just getting the hang of the site. I’m also only a couple months into PE and also continued foreskin restoration. I actually started to unknowingly restore my foreskin a number of years ago just fooling around (LOL). My Dad is uncircumcised and I have always had a good bit of envy and admiration for guys who still retain their skin. Think it looks great and wanted to experience it myself. I subsequently discovered I’d caused my foreskin to come back. It feels so great when the head is covered and I am just now beginning to experience more sensitivity. I got a power jelq several weeks ago and recently got a penimaster. Wondered how many guys out there have used either of these devices. I like both so far. Like Peforeal (who I think is one hell of a great guy here!), I have always been a grower and not a shower. I really hate that. I have been more or less happy with my erect size and have never had complaints in that dept. and partner comments have always been very complimentary. I’ve never been a very good judge of my dick from the perspective of my own hands cause my hands are big I never thought much about my hard dick being anything but average. Hey, if you have big hands something bigger than average will feel small to average in them. Anyway, I’d love more than anything to have a shower that hangs big and loose!! That would make my day. I can’t wait to pick up one of those wrist wraps. Thanks Peforeal! Would appreciate any info or suggestions from guys doing PE and Foreskin restoration and wonder if wrapping can help the restoration process too. Additionally great to actually hear guys talking about the mind process of adjusting one’s thinking about the experience of showing a basket. This is something I have been thinking about for some time and wanting to feel great and proud to show a nice bulge and not feeling self conscious about it. You guys are so cool! :)


If you type “foreskin restoration” in the search engine here you’ll find some threads where this has already been discussed; not so much in the Pumpers’ Forum as in other forums. Ditto the power jelk and penimaster devices.

Glad to have you aboard here at Thunder’s and I hope you turn out to be one of those fast flaccid gainers.




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