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DR Kaplans Penis STRap

DR Kaplans Penis STRap

hey,i was reading a website about the good doctor and it was mentioned that after you pump you place his leather penis strap on for one hour,i usually do a light wrap for the same ,but ive been doing a bit of a search and cannot find a pic of this leather strap,can someone pls give me a link?

Hey Liquid, how’s it “hangin’ “…. I don’t know if there is anything special about Kaplan’s strap, but pretty much every cock and ball strap looks like a leather cat or dog collar with extra holes punched in it to make it adjustable to your size. Punching holes in leather is easy as I have done this myself. All you need to do is heat a nail to red hot and push it through the leather. Of course you want to hold the nail with a pair of pliers when doing this. Try this out,..I bet you can make a strap for about one third the cost than ordering one that has a company name attached to it. Let me know what you think.

The one he sent me was just a basic leather cock ring , which you can get from any sex shop or love boutique for a quarter of the price that he’s selling them at there’s nothing special about his strap, it’s a basic cock strap.

kaplans penis strap

Hey, thanks for the replies i thought there might be something special about Kaplins strap,obviously not.O.k i guess im off to the pet shop to buy me a kitten collar meow.Thanks

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