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Cylinder length

Cylinder length

While I’m currently using the low-budget ProQuatics gravel pump cylinder, I’ve also taken a look at the pump cylinders available on the market. JT’s Stockroom, , and my favorite local sex novelties shop carry pump cylinders made by San Francisco Pump Works that are fairly reasonably priced. The 1.75 ” and 2” diameter cylinders come in two lengths, 9” and 12”. What is the purpose/use of a 9” long cylinder versus a 12” cylinder?

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Depends pretty much on how long you are. As a simple economy measure, I encourage guys to buy longer tubes rather than shorter ones. At LAPump, for example, there is no price difference between an 8” and a 10” tube. Very few are going to reach the end of a 12” tube, ever. But if you were at 8.5, a 9” tube might be a crunch because the air valve takes up some of the end space and you don’t want to be pressing your glans into that.



Thanks, Avocet.

I had wondered if the shorter tube was for focusing on girth and the longer tube for focusing on length.

J Meister "Building a phallus worthy of worship."

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