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Clamping in the pump.


Clamping in the pump.

Hi guys. Has anyone tried clamping and pumping at the same time? Will the pressure on the penis be to high if I have a clamp on in the tube? Can I put on a cockring after the pumping session?

It’s been done and discussed. I’ve done it myself experimentally but don’t anymore. The challenge is that, when clamped, you have a very small margin of error because you have restricted your body’s ability to adapt to forces. This is true with clamped bends, clamped squeezes, clamped hanging, etc. Theoretically the variety of additive forces could stress your cock and produce gains. But the risk of injury is increased as well. Pumping is enough and clamping is enough. I would not recommend you do them at the same time.

Better to clamp after you pump.

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What about clamping before pump? I currently jelq a little then clamp 10 minutes and after a short break I pump 20 minutes at 3.5hg this is my routine in mornings and before bed. I also jelq then clamp in the afternoon for 10 minutes.

I jelq until I get an erection, pump for 30 to 45 mins, take a show and massage, then clamp for 3 10 minute sessions. This has worked very well for me so far.

If I clamped before pumping, I’d need to buy a bigger tube. :leftie:

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If I clamp after I pump I get more fluid and more swollen in the skin under the glans. Is this called edema?

I pump, then clamp, and then slip on a cock ring and pump again. The cock ring allows a bit of expansion which the clamp does not allow. Works great for me.

There has to be more input on this. I am currently trying to saw off parts of my clamp so I can fit in the tube while clamped. Is there anybody out there doing this ? I know it could be extremely dangerous, but I figure if you get fully expanded in the clamp and only use very little pressure ( 1 - 2 hg ) it could just be that little extra push to promote serious growth. Just my theory.

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I think the reason there is little input on this is that it is clearly a very bad idea to do both at the same time.


Well. I have used cockrings in my bathmate but no real clamp yet. The cockrings sure give a better expansion without getting to much fluid build up.

Originally Posted by dtwarren1942
I pump, then clamp, and then slip on a cock ring and pump again. The cock ring allows a bit of expansion which the clamp does not allow. Works great for me.

I am currently experimenting with the ring inside the pump like this as well. Seems to work much better than pumping alone.

How many other people use a silicone cock ring inside of the pump?

I tried pumping with a cockring a couple of years ago. All it got be was some bad discoloration.

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