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can't get fluid buildup with pumping

can't get fluid buildup with pumping

I have started pumping a month ago. my pump is low end, simple one, without gauge.

pump size is almost 8inches in length and 6.2 approximately in girth. [I will post exact dimensions later, I am at work now]

After I adapted my unit to this kind of exercise I have tried to pump to the max possible, but my veins are always visible and I can’t get more than maybe 0.2 inches in girth..

what is the reason, because I have seen pumped dicks that look so bigger after pumping and veins on these units are not so visible because of fluid..

Pre PE-01/aug/09----6.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG

Now ----------------7.5" BPEL, 5.6" EG

Short term goal------8.0" BPEL, 6.0" EG

You don’t want fluid build up its not what we here at thunders go for we go for little to no fluid build up in order to achieve actual gains. Fluid build up is just a temporary thing you should strive to get expansion and avoid fluid build up low pressure 2.5hg-5hg max and time is what it takes. Please don’t try to pump at the max pressure your pump can it wont end well.

Pumping without a gauge and trying for maximum vacuum is a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

:_pump: :donatecar

As bigbassman77, we are going for actual gains.

I would advise getting a pump with a gauge as soon as you can. You do not want to pump at too high a pressure, you could do damage. Again as bigbassman says, you do not want to go higher than 5HG. Lower maybe be even better!

I do best with 3 to 4HG. Max time 40 minutes, divided into sets. Anything above that is not helpful for me.

You are not alone at no buildup I have to pump at non recommed hgs and time something like 10hg @ 2hours

Starting BPEL= 6.7 " EG= 6.5"

July 2016 BPEL=7" EG=6.75"

Goal NBPEL=8" x EG=7"

I noticed a lot of fluid build up when I first started pumping now not so much which is how I like it. Now if only I could figure out why my dam tube leaks I loose about 1hg in 10 minutes I need to keep pulling the trigger slightly ever 5 minutes or so it sucks. Cheap picturebrite cylinder I need a better one.

yes I know it is risky, but I had to try, I didn’t go above any pain or even discomfort level.

and I know I should avoid fluid in my unit, I was just wondering why there is no any.

and thanks to TheBigLurk I know I am not the only one.

I am eager to buy a pump with guage, but it will not be soon though :(

Pre PE-01/aug/09----6.5" BPEL, 5.5" EG

Now ----------------7.5" BPEL, 5.6" EG

Short term goal------8.0" BPEL, 6.0" EG

I don’t have a fluid build up either. But to achieve full erection inside the tube I have to pump up to 6hg.

I was always trying to stay in “safe zone” as vets advised here ,but couldn’t keep the full erection at 2.5 to 5hg. Still i don’t have any fluid build up at this pressure.

How do you guys manage to keep full erection at such pressure (2.5-5hg)?

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