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Building my own cylinder... anybody interested?


I’m in!

That’s the kind of responses I was looking for! LOL, we’ll see how it goes eh?

Any good ideas for padding the end that presses against the stomach?

I had used silicon gel, which worked really well.

The problem is that now that I am pumping while clamped the clamp is pushing the gel away from the plastic tube (aquarium vacuum tube). I replaced it once, but now that it has happened again, I need a stronger method.

Does anyone have another way that will stand up to the pressure of being pressed against the clamp?


I am down with the DIY items. So far I have built a ROP (and thrown it in the trash), a Captn Wench (2 thumbs up), a Power Jelq Device (saved myself 50 bucks or so there) and I built a penimaster or two (still working out the kinks on that).

If you come up with something that is quality and cheap (which seems to define DIY) I would be interested to see the result. However, I recently did a quick search on ebay (penis pump) and found 5 pages of them ranging in price from like 10 bucks to 75 or so, with most being around 20bucks (I didn’t look at S/H). Since I do not pump I have no idea what is a good device or what is crap but the main idea is there are quite a few on there that are pretty inexpensive, and I am pretty sure they ship to Aus. I also ran a search for the pump referred to in another post here, mity-vac (?) or some such, there was a wide range of those on there too.

I know there is a ton of forum sections now but I like DIY stuff so much I wish there was one section for it alone. Would have maybe saved me many hours of searching and reading to track down plans etc for the few things I have already decided were worth the effort to build.

Anyway, I would definitely love to see what you come up with and how you feel it works/compares to what is out there on the market.


And you didn’t save your search results or add them to your favorites? Now the next guy has to do it also.

Why not start a DIY thread in Main and ask members to post any links the have to different projects, then the next guy can just drop DIY in the search engine and hit pay dirt right away.

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You got me Thunder, I didn’t save my searches because I wasn’t really that proficient when I would search. I would read a little, see something interesting, make a mental note, read some more, find something else, read about it etc etc. I read quite a bit over the course of a few months and built as I went. I did find several of the compilation threads that are already here useful. However, some of the ideas I found useful were in the middle of some of the threads and not a thread of their own, which is the only reason I found some of the information cumbersome to track down.

I will see if I can re-create my searches and at least compile the information that I found useful and make a single post.

I am still working out the kinks in my DIY penimaster, and only after already creating version one did I find and read that several items I used were already posted about like over a year ago~! Then I was on to version two for several reasons which actually made it more similar to several already posted. If I would have only seen those first it would have saved me some effort, ha. Live and learn.

I will say though, I love the site and am very much appreciative of all the effort of all the people here. I like many of the other posters have perused other sites and Thunders is definitely top notch. Freedom of information exchange in an open environment.


News Flash!

The apparatus is well under construction. A trip to Sydney city, and a helping hand from PEnine in his workshop are to thank.

Cutting and 90% of filing was done today, only have to do a little glueing and such, and then write up the entire process. Took pictures at every step of the way.
Expect an ‘article’ within a few days.

nemisis - there are a few good reasons for building your own gear. Firstly, there is a massive chance that it will be a hell of a lot cheaper than a commercial product of equal quality. The most trusted quality setups out there are in the range of hundreds of bucks. if you have a steady set of hands and a few tools, you can do about this level of workmanship at home.

Secondly, it allows you to build the gear to your personal specifications (for example, I made mine about a foot long due to my length) An extension of this point is that you can design it yourself, if you are a bright fellow and have some innovative ideas to put into the real world. (For example, we built into mine a nifty design to make the thing more comfortable)

Another good point is that 90% of the PE merchandise on the market is pure made-in-taiwan junk and totally worthless anyway, regardless of price.

And finally, as a devout DIYer, you must see the fun that can be had by building something with your own two hands :D

I am waiting with anticipation. I totally agree with all your points. I was simply making an observation about the market when I referenced ebay etc. As far as PE gear, it seems to me that pumps are the most prevalent device out there, so there are many to choose from. Whereas comparatively, there are not as many commercially available hangers/stretchers/jelqers.

I have yet to consider pumping in the routine but will be looking here for good tips as to starting to build one. :)

Still waiting…~!


How goes the build?

I have nearly finished building my power cage (squat rack) and hyper extension bench. Time for a new project :D

Sorry fellows for the delay.

I am on holidays now, but I am in the process of arranging two major business deals, as well as arranging for a holiday before Christmas, as well as Christmas itself (making gifts, not buying them)

The cylinder is 99%. As in, it is useable - in fact I just had a trial run a short while ago. I will just say for now that it’s fucking brilliant, functionally, and it’s looking prettier every little anal perfectionist additional “final touch” I make to it…

I’ll take a final picture of the complete* thing and then begin writing the article, but it won’t be tommorrow since I’m off on a “business trip” overnight.

Sunday I will write and upload the article, I promise :D

* = Still need a guage, and there are a few minor (mostly cosmetic) improvements I want to make before it's 100% that I will discuss in the article, but I will put it up before I actually do them so you guys aren't waiting for heaps long on that

Liar, liar, pants on fire!!

Sunday has come and gone and still no article!

He didn’t say which Sunday. Maybe he meant the first Sunday after Christmas.

I have plenty of patience and am looking forward to seeing it whenever he posts it.

Enjoy your holiday SecJay~

I too built a pump myself. Got a 1 3/4” acrylic tube from McMaster Carr, capped it with a piece of Plexiglas. Used a adhesive called Shoe goo from the hardware store. Some clear tubing, a gauge and a back check valve. The back check valve allows the air to travel only one way.

So here’s the interesting part. What did I do for the pump? Well, I’m sure that most folks don’t know this but your mouth can draw a maximum of around 24”HG of vacuum. This is why we can all give a pretty mean hickey.Thats way more vacuum than anyone would ever need for pumping. I pump around 5”HG. Well, if you guessed where this is going, your right. I suck on the end of the back check valve to achieve vacuum. The back check valve holds the vacuum pressure and I give a little suck every so often to keep it in the range I want.

So for anyone who’s wanted to be able to suck themselves, now you can for only pennies!!

Ive included a picture so it will make more sense. I also doubled up the acrylic tube around the base so it wouldn’t cut into my pubic bone so much

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