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Building my own cylinder... anybody interested?


alex, you addressing me?

I’ve been using my getup for several months now, it works great. 100% seal. I use oral suction for vacuum. I never bought a hand pump or gauge since I still haven’t been able to find a cheap and quality source for either really.

I made a slight improvement to the flare by rounding off all the corners. Really comfortable now :)

Does anyone know if McMaster ships to the UK?

Building your own tubes is easy. I have made a 1-3/4 a 2 in and a 2-1/4 in which I use now. They are made out of acrylic tubing. I can post a pic if you want to see them.

Go for it Phat1.

Here is a pic of my home made tubes. The pump I use is a converted car tire pump. Works great.

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In that pic, what are those big black T-fittings for?

Here is a pic of my home made flaring tool. You heat the tube with a heat gun and then push it down over the tool. The tube I have here is 2-1/4 ID

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They are flow control valves. If you look on top there is a knob that you can open allowing you to pump and close to keep the vacuum from going away. You can then remove your pump and go about your every day chores. Like mowing the grass for example


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