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Best method for gains.

Best method for gains.

I have started back pumping after a long lay off from Thromboses.

I have been working my way back up slowly starting at 5 minutes a day at 4hg and have now worked up to 2 10 minute sets during which I cycle the pressure from 4hg then kegel as I pump up to 6.5hg, keep kegeling for 2 minutes and then milk the tube as I cycle back down to 4hg and repeat for 10 minutes.

I was hoping for some advice from some other pumpers to see if this was a worthwhile method for gaining girth and length. Or maybe there is another more efficient method I should be using?


The best advice I can give,is to follow the guide in the thread above yours.

(Vacuum pumping 101)

Slower is better. A poor analogy, but look at PE in terms of how long it takes to build new body cells which then become added-on penile tissue. You won’t get a half inch (length or girth) of permanent gain until you build that tissue. Takes a whole long time to do that.

In your zeal, stay lower on your pressure than higher. If 10 minute sets begin to bore you, break them down into 6 min sets, just add one or two to your total pumping time.

After your warm wrap, do a few minutes of flaccid stretching in all directions. Slowly build up jelking sets between your pump sets. Work up until you can do 100 easily then go back into your tube. These between-pump exercises really encourage gains.



Thanks 5phil5, I’ll have a read of the vacuum pumping 101 thread.

Avocet, your analogy is helpful and it makes a lot of sense.

My problem is that I tend to lose my erection in the tube, I know it is important to stay erect while in the tube. So maybe 6 minutes sets would suit me better as I can stimulate myself between sets.]
Maybe 4 x 6 minutes sets would be better.

At the moment I warm wrap for 10 minutes prior to pumping. I do plan on introducing other techniques for between my sets as things progress, like stretching and Jelqing.
After having been out of PE for over 3 months due to thromboses I don’t plan on jelqing erect anymore.
I am still not sure of the cause but at the time I was hanging, clamping, jelqing and pumping so I thought it best I introduce techniques slowly one at a time. I never plan on clamping again though.

Originally Posted by bluenun

At the moment I warm wrap for 10 minutes prior to pumping.


(You drink that wine? My wife and I used to and I can’t remember why.)

You can save yourself some time with the warm wrap. Even the longest, thickest flaccid cock will warm through very well in 5 minutes. That gives you 5 minutes for some other PE activity.

Shorter than 6 minute pump sets is not a bad thing at all. In fact, multiples of that will give you much more inflow of re-oxygenated blood and help you get harder for the next round doing whatever you do in between to get there. Newly-oxygenated blood = better cell division, more arterial growth, tissue growth. Oxygenated blood is your friend in PE.



“My problem is that I tend to lose my erection in the tube, I know it is important to stay erect while in the tube.”

I don’t understand why being erect in the tube is important. I always try to stay flaccid while pumping. Being flaccid allows my penis to stretch more in length. i can’t stretch at all if I am hard.
The only time I allow myself to become erect in the tube is after I have achieved maximum stretch and am packing the tube. Then when I get hard my erection is filling out a much larger size.

It just seems that pumping while erect resists the forces of the pump and is counter-productive. Can someone explain?

tinytim, have a read of this thread
Water Pumping Observations


||looking for something to .... about||


Not a fan of Bluenun wine myself. I had no idea you could get it in Hawaii.

Thanks for the tip on the warm wrap, from now on 5 minutes will do.

I completed 4 x 6 minute sets today using the same cycling method I mentioned in my first post.
The shorter sets make sense as far as getting more newly-oxygenated blood into the penis.

I am not getting a donut or swelling and am packing the tube 2 1/2 inches up.
My length in the tube is only about 1/16 off it’s longest before I had to stop all PE.

In you opinion is it detrimental to long term gains if I ejaculate after the pump session?

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