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Water Pumping Observations

Water Pumping Observations

I’ve been water pumping now for almost a month. In my mind, it’s a definite tool that every pumper should have. Some observations.

— Fluid build up is less as is bruising and capillary breaks. I attribute this to the presence of the water even though I’m pumping at slightly higher pressures than with just air. Water seem to have the same effect as the condom or inner tube in terms of supressing the outer tissues. I watch carefully but so far no blisters have appeared on the glans.

— It takes longer to pack girthwise (I have a 2”X10” tube so packing lengthwise is beyond my reach) . I think this is due more to the fact that I’m getting less fluid rather than due to getting less of an internal pump. Post-pump enlargement size and duration is about the same.

— I’m feeling more of a length pull. I’m not sure why this is. It’s not linked to the higher pressures as I have done a comparison with just air at the same pressure. I’m not complaining.

— Keeping the pump and thin attachment tubing dry. So far I’ve been careful not get water in the pump (I have an LA brass pump and tube). The attachment tubing inevitably gets some drops in it but I’m able to shake most of them out. Some tiny droplets usually remain. It’s possible that they might migrate into the pump. But no damage as far I can tell.

I definitely enjoy water pumping and will stick with it for awhile, though I think other forms of pumping are just necessary. Filling the tube with the right temperature water is only a minor hassle and so far I haven’t had any water balloon like accidents. Once you silde into the tube and secure the vaccuum seal, your’re pretty safe from it just randomly coming off.

I’d be curious as to others’ experiences with water pumping.


You said:

— “Fluid build up is less as is bruising and capillary breaks.”

— “I’m feeling more of a length pull. I’m not sure why this is. It’s not linked to the higher pressures as I have done a comparison with just air at the same pressure. I’m not complaining.”

“I definitely enjoy water pumping …”

Maybe the ‘enjoyment’ factor you describe plays a very big part in the success some pumpers have as follows:

1) Lymph doesn’t move as fast as blood does because the pathways are different. It takes time for lymph to accumulate. If you first flood the tissues in the cavernosa with blood and quickly constrict escape routes by vacuum and forces on the edge of the tube, maybe you get a more efficient system.

2) Constricting the soft tissues (ala condom pumping) to prevent engorgement reminds me of people that put on elastic hose before they get out of bed - it helps those that suffer with varicose veigns. There, both lymph and blood leakage come into play. The constriction of the hose helps tremendously.

3) Maybe the ‘pleasure factor’ causes the ischiocavernosus muscles to really clamp down hard and generate higher internal pressures in the cavernosa thus stretching the tunica which gives the ‘pull’ on the tendons you describe. I have noticed this too at 4 inches of Hg vacuum not using water in the tube. A more engorged cavernosa plus energized internal clamping triggered by the vacuum would generate significantly increased internal pressures in the cavernosa. The literature suggests internal pressures in the erected state of >500mm Hg which is nominally 4-5X average blood pressure in the groin. The tunica rupture pressure is cited at 1200-1500 mmHg. I sure would like to measure cavernosa internal pressures during a pumping session. It might be very enlightening.

In other words, maybe its the pleasurable stimulus of the vacuum at a nominal 3-4 inches of Hg (like that level Avocet8 uses) that triggers a cascade of biochemical, neurological, and mechanical effects that ultimately result in remarkable gains. Water may further intensify the pleasure and thus accelerate the whole process including limiting the engorgement at the surface. Maybe the vacuum pump at modest levels of vacuum triggers a much more powerful pump internal to the body that balloons the penis. Based on just hydraulic forces from the vacuum, I cannot explain what I see either. But, like you, I can sure FEEL the effects, and, Mr Happy is slowly moving up the tube a tiny little bit with each pumping session.

Thanks for your post,


Originally Posted by MrTips
…In other words, maybe its the pleasurable stimulus of the vacuum at a nominal 3-4 inches of Hg (like that level Avocet8 uses) that triggers a cascade of biochemical, neurological, and mechanical effects that ultimately result in remarkable gains. Water may further intensify the pleasure and thus accelerate the whole process including limiting the engorgement at the surface. Maybe the vacuum pump at modest levels of vacuum triggers a much more powerful pump internal to the body that balloons the penis….MrTiPS

Interesting observations and conjecture.


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Good stuff, Mr. Tips.

Your posts are very thoughtful.

It would be interesting to measure internal cavernosa pressures during pumping at varying degrees of pressure and engorgement. It sure would tells us a lot. For example, would it confirm that staying erect combined with the external pressure from the pump creates the best “push-pull” of the tissues to create maximum internal expansion? If so that would argue for not using too much pressure, where you are more likely to lose your erection. You could also measure the effect of cycling in the tube and learn something there. Also, what would be the expansion and pressure if you had a viagra-aided super erection that stayed with you through a series of higher pressure sessions?

I still think that our internal penises can withstand far greater stress and pressure than we typically give them when pumping. I base this strictly on feel and not any science — I rarely feel any internal soreness the day after a pump. The limiting factor always seems to be the external tissues and what can happen to them if you go overboard — excessive lymph, capillaries bursts/dotting, bruising, blisters, etc.

So the search goes on for ways to best limit the stresses on the external penis while maximizing the forces on the pecker within.


Thanks for your kind responses. Ref pressure measurements, the closest I have come so far is described as follows:

I have an A&D Medical wrist strap blood pressure unit here in my office. Besides periodically tracking blood pressure and pulse, I use it to monitor my responses to almost everything, like the first time I tried Yohimbe and measured how it was raising hell with my blood pressure first hand … but, I digress.

Just for kicks, I got erect and wrapped the wrist band BPress unit around MrHappy and tried to measure erection pressure. The cuff wasn’t really sized right (not enough PE - my fault - drats!) to get consistent data. That, and the cumbersome logistics caused me to lose my erection (now, if the dang BPress cuff had only looked more like a pussy . . . sighhhhhh) - anyway, I finally did get some fleeting pressure data - 250mm Hg plus I could ‘spike’ it with PC flexes of at least 50 mm Hg, or so. Hey! - it worked, well - sort of.

I did have enough success that I am thinking of designing a pumping tube that contains a strain gauge or maybe 4 strain gauges configured in a Wheatstone Bridge with a microchip-based digital readout so as to measure Dick Pressures. The experiments you perceptively suggest in your post could actually be done if I could come up with an appropriately configured pumping tube. Also, if a person could measure what’s going on and use that as biofeedback he could maybe go a long way towards solving a bunch of problems, not just PE.

BTW, I sometimes masquerade as a control systems and instrumentation engineer :-)

Anyway, just some thoughts. I enjoy your posts.

All the best,


Mr. Tips,

Have at it and let us know what you find. Maybe your technical skills and knowledge will produce something that we could all benefit from.

Last night, on a whim I married condom and water pumping (“Do you Aqua take French Letter to be your…”). Final result — whoa!! My fourth and and last set, my tally got stuck and it took a couple of minutes of jiggling the tube and probing the base with my fingers before I could release the suction.

Of course, this could have been a workout where all the factors, proper rest, good wood, right pressure, etc. aligned for a most excellent result. I’ll need to try it a couple of more times before offerning a more definitive conclusion.

2.25” wide tube here I come!


Hey guys!

I too have started experimenting again with water pumping. Finally figured out how to do it without having to get into the tub. Once I get hard, the tube seals perfectly and no water escapes. I was even able to get into bed and not spill a drop of water. I think that water pumping produces the beneficial effects of condom pumping in that it greatly decreases lymph migration. Plus, the relative non-expandability of water produces much greater expansion in girth than with air pumping. I immediately pack the tube more than half way up with water, and with air only 1/4 the way up the tube.

The issue of a good hard erection in the tube I believe is critical to success in pumping. I think the best way to look at the vacuum is that it increases the relative pressure in the penis. The greater the vacuum the less force counter balancing the internal pressures outward. The harder the erection the greater net expansion force being applied to the penis.

So for sake of explanation, let me use some arbitrary numbers. Lets say that the atmospheric force pressing inward against the penis is +8, and the internal force pressing outward from the penis is +8. So (+8)-(+8)= 0…zero net force expanding the penis. OK, now you get a erection which will increase the internal force to +16. So (+16)-(+8)= +8 net expansive force causing an erection. If you use the pump you are decreasing the external pressures on the penis so that lets say the external forces now equal +4 instead of +8. So without an erection you have now created a net expansive force of +4. If you get a erection, even without increasing the vacuum further, you now have a net expansive force of (+16)-(+4)= +12.

The problem with using a vacuum is that it causes lymph migration, which is not desirable. The greater the vacuum, the greater the migration. By maintaining a good erection, it becomes clear that you are generating greater net expansive forces without having to increase the vacuum. For me, I am finding the best guide is using the greatest vacuum possible in which I can maintain a good solid erection, and not produce bruising, discoloration or vascular damage. I tend to like the pressure cycling where I pump up to 5 in hg for about 20 sec, then drop it to 3 in hg for 30 sec. However I am finding that I can stay at 5 in hg for longer periods of time and stay hard.

For clarification, the way you can tell if you are hard (feels different) is to squeeze the shaft of your penis, that is not in the tube with your fingers. You will feel to what degree you are erect. After a while you will be able to tell by how your penis feels.

ps. MrTips, don’t let the nurses catch you with your dick in the BP cuffs… it will creep them out! ;) And welcome to the forum, you expertise is greatly appreciated! I look forward to hearing more from you.


What lubes do you guys use when water pumping?

Hey Sparkyx,

Thanks for your post - ref nurses and BPcuffs, I long for that auspicious day when some cute nurse wraps a BPcuff (or a liplock, for that matter) on MrHappy having mistaken his rising presence for my arm! I will have arrived PE heaven :-)



Hey Sparkyx,

Just exactly, step-by-step, what is your water-pumping procedure? It sounds like you maybe draw a little water into the tube running to your pump and then maybe you disconnect from the pump making the tube a closed, sealed system. Not sure I fully appreciate all of the subtle nuances you have discovered - very interested - Please clarify.




I use vaseline, just like for a regular pump.


Good contribution. For a lay non-tenchnical person like myself, your explanation is easy to understand. Going in hard and staying hard (both, particularly the latter, easier said than done for this middle-ager) is really key.


If indeed you do get it to the size of your arm, you will never again know the joy of a lip-lock…at least a human lip-lock. :(

As for my procedure, I like to keep it simple. I have a mity-vac (purchased from auto parts store) which came with a overflow reservoir, which is used for bleeding brakes. The reservoir is a small cup with a lid that is twisted on (and is airtight) and has a connection for tube in (from cylinder), and tube out (to pump). I connect the reservois to the pump and the hose that will be connected to the cylinder. With the cylinder disconnected, I fill apx 1/4 with warm water. I have the tube inverted so the end which I’m going to put my penis is up. I hold my finger over the top tube connection part of the cylinder so the water doesn’t leak out. I then insert my at least partially erect, lubed member into the tube and press it hard enough so I can then raise the top up so the water will go toward the base of the tube, cover my penis and have air at the top of the cylinder. This always causes some leakage of water on the floor, but not much (stand on a towel). With air now at the top of the cylinder (but water covering the penis) I connect the tube to the pump (with the reservois in line between the cylinder and pump to prevent water from getting into the pump) and pump the vacuum up to the desired level. It will immediately seal the tube because of the expansion of my penis. It stays very nicely sealed at this point, even at 3 in hg, because of the effective expansion of girth that immediately occurs. I don’t let the water level go up to the top of the tube, because I don’t want water to get into my pump (happened once, not good). The reservois is a safety stop, but it shouldn’t even need to get to that point. All you need for the full effect is to cover the penis completely, more than that is not needed.

As far as lubricants go, any water soluble one will do. I think Vaseline is not necessary and more work to clean out of the tube than I want to go through.

Tally, I hear ya! I’m 46 myself and it can be a challenge. I find that I can get hard easier at about 3 in hg, and of course porn is many times necessary. Jelqing the tube also helps. Once I’m good and hard, I will spike the vacuum up to 5 in hg and hold it there for about 20-30 secs and then drop it back down to 3 in hg. If I can maintain my erection at 5…great! I also find if I spend too long at 5 in hg, I start to get some red spots, which are the precursors to worse things (been there, done that). I find that it is the discomfort of the higher vacuums that make a good erection more difficult (like a little too much tooth contact in a blow job). But like I explained in my previous post, it is the net expansive force that counts. It is far better to get a raging erection at 2 in hg, than none at all at 6 in hg!

Well boys, to an outside observer, what a twisted subject! Lets just pretend its’ just us perverts here! Heres to achieving bigger dicks!


Hey Sparkyx,

Great post - very clear. I appreciate your taking time to spell it out.



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