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Am I going at it too hard?

Am I going at it too hard?

I’m been pumping for about a month now and I guess it’s going ok. However, I’m wondering if I’m going at it too hard. I’ll pump for a solid 45 minutes (sometimes 2x/day) without a break. My pump does not have a guage so I go by feel and what I feel is discomfort. As a matter of standard, I have a certain length I get to while in the tube. Getting to that point often times causes discomfort, not pain, but discomfort.

These things being mentioned, does it sound as though I’m going at pumping to forcefully? Input appreciated.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Vacuum Pumping 101

Only problem is that I don’t have a guage on my pump. How will I know what level I am at?

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