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My erections are too hard or something

My erections are too hard or something


I keep getting these rock hard erections that last for about a minute or two and then slowly get more normal and not as hard. The thing is, I don’t mind that except they are extremely uncomfortable and I get these sort of pressure pains at the underside of my penis at the base and around the bottom and base of the head. I remember having this pain a few times in my life before that feels like my erection is “too hard” (I do not know if that is what it is, that is how I feel though) but now it’s frequently and I am trying to decide if a positive PI or a negative PI. I think I felt it most often when I was cold but my penis was 100% erect so like it was sort of tight and constricted but so hard that If I did a penis twitch with a kegel it felt painful.

Has anyone dealt with this before?

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I don’t know about painful per se, I’ve had rock hard erections where my dick felt full of pressure and ready to blow, but it kind of felt nice. Are you cut or uncut?

Assuming that erections aren’t really painful, they should be a nice PI.

How old are you? What’s your routine right now? Are you assuming marijuana or some meds lately?

You are going threw what I would like to call, a good healthy erection.

Just masturbate once and it will go away. But I do warn you, you will want them back.

Wishing and hoping for the best - yup your doing it wrong.

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