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I get really hard in some positions

I get really hard in some positions

So last weekend I was masturbating while sitting on the side of my bed. I cannot explain it, but I was inexplicably hard. I never and I do mean ever get nearly as hard. I felt like I was going to explode, it was great. I think that when I have sex with my girlfriend I’m not at 100% erection like I was at the side of the bed, unless we have sex while I’m sitting at the side of the bed. When we do it’s great.but I ALWAYS want to have a hard erection when we have sex. What should I do? Sometimes during cowgirl or reverse cowgirl I cannot stay VERY hard and I barely feel much, she does though. I don’t even feel hard, but she is able to feel it. It’s really weird.

No one?

Yeah I hear you. For some reason, whenever i’m in the sitting position in a car, I usually get very hard - Maybe its because the blood flows better to the area in that position. Another thing to consider is how long its been since you last ejaculated.

Is there anything I can do to help sustain that hardness in ALL positions?


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I’ve noticed the same thing, when I’m sitting on the edge of a hard (non-upholstered) chair. I think it’s because it’s putting pressure on the “hidden shaft” behind the balls, the “root” of the penis that’s kinda buried in the perineum (the portion of your crotch between scrotum & anus).

A couple things can have the same effect: putting manual pressure on the perineum.
Or sometimes, if you’re already hard, squeeze your thighs together and then decrease the angle at your hips. I.e., lean your torso forward, or pull your knees up toward your chest. It tends to put more pressure on the erection without having to manually squeeze anything.

Cross your legs it works great..

Although you do look like an idiot it’s hard as rock :)

Hands-free tourniquet

Originally Posted by bigandbulky
Cross your legs it works great..
Although you do look like an idiot it’s hard as rock :)

I suspect you’re doing that in such a way as to provide some kind of tourniquet effect.

Another variation is to pull your balls down and back; then kind of “clamp” them in place with your thighs. It’s not the pressure on your balls that does anything, but pulling down on the scrotum that way will increase the tension of skin across the top of the shaft, right at the base of the penis. That, in turn, creates a tourniquet effect on the dorsal veins and slows down the outflow of blood from the penis.

Maybe JustLearning was sitting on the edge of the bed in a way that not only put added ventrical pressure via the penis “root,” but maybe there was some kind of tourniquet effect going on.

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