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Where to Hang?

Where to Hang?

I have just started jelqing (1month) and found this site and thought i would try hanging. i made a device as described in the forum my question is does it make a dfference where i put the clamp i attached it at the base, the reason i ask is that i did two sets: 1st 5lbs for 10mins which seemed way to easy & next 10lbs for for 20mins which also did not seem to put to much strain on me so i added 5lbs for for a total of 15lbs for 3mins at the end for a 23min total, the 15lbs felt heavy and i am sure would have brought me to a fatigued state, but i didn’t have the time to start a new set & from what i read this seemed heavy (the sets were done seated) so i was wondering if the placement made a big difference, also how long should you rest between sets. thank for the help!


>i made a device as described in the forum my question is does it make a dfference where i put the clamp i attached it at the base,<

Attaching the hanger at the base will probably only stretch skin. You would need to tighten very tight in order for the hanger to grasp the internal structures. Try attaching about one inch behind the head, maybe a little more depending on your length.

>also how long should you rest between sets.<

At least ten minutes.


Thanks for the reply that will really help out & save me some time ,i was pretty sure i was doing something wrong, the rest advice will be extremely helpful since it is a little hard to trail and error with, anouther question though want is more important time under tension or creating a fatigued state

mrlojo, I am also about to begin hanging. My Bib hanger is on order as I write this. Actually, I have been manually stretching and found that it is not easy to avoid stretching just skin (ouch). In fact I find it more comfortable to actually carefully grip the head as opposed to the shaft. This seems to stretch the entire penis and minimizes skin tension while placing max load on the internal structures. BTW, This is NOT recommended for hanging.

But, I digress, the reason for my response is to suggest that you take a careful look at the Bib Hanger. It is thoughtfully designed to allow max pressure for attachment while allowing blood flow from the internal arteries to the external veins. Bib has really done his homework (not to mention his results) and after all, we are talking about an IRREPLACEABLE part of our anatomy.

By the way, I do not know Bib personally, BUT, read through this and the other forums and I think you will agree he contributes HUGELY to our cause. Bottom line, if you are going to be dangling iron off the old root on a regular basis, why not make it as safe and comfortable as possible???

Whichever, whatever, best of luck to you and keep us posted on your experience.


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