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What to do on rest days?

What to do on rest days?

I’m hanging 5 days on, 2 days off. But as the title says, what, if anything, should I be doing on the rest days? Should it be 2 days completely PE free? Should I do some light manual stretching? Should I use an ADS?

I know the theory goes that you do the damage in the first 5 days, then let the damage heal in its new elongated state on the rest days. But does that mean completely leaving it alone for 2 days or are there certain things you can do on rest days to maximise potential for gain?


Rest Days = rest

I generally don’t do anything. If I do do something, it is nothing more than a short pump session or my habitual quick, short stretch that I do when I urinate.

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What KOG said, I just do piss pulls on a rest day.


I may do some light jelqing now and then. Only for a minute or two and only at low erection level simply to promote blood flow.

Hey Penguin, Are you really in Antarctica?
I guess you could get some serious shrinkage if your not careful!

OK .
KOG correct me if I’m wrong.

On rest days all I do is kegels since this is just muscle training.

I use the 2on 1off concept.
Haven’t had any problems with that and I think almost every PE site recommends to do kegels as often as possible.

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I recall reading a post by bib where he mentioned that he did 5 days on, 2 off, but would still get in a set or two of hanging on his off days to keep him nicely in the fatigued zone for when the on days started again. This kind of goes against the idea of completely resting, and we all know how well bib has gained so I am wondering which is the best methodology to use.

Also Andrew, no I’m not actually in Antarctica. :)

moaning girls for flaccid hang...

…this might sound a bit stupid but on my rest days I’m usually wearing those infrared headphones all the time.

Since I’m having that audiosex-fetish I listen to porno channels the entire day…I don’t watch just listen.

I really love to hear the girls moan and scream and that sound of hard doggystyle banging ” Klätsch! Klätsch!”…

This gives me a really good flaccid hang on the rest days.

Actually I’m planning to leave the TV on the whole night, black screen, just some silent moans that don’t hinder sleep.

I remember one night I forgot to switch it of I had the best dream I ever had, so maybe I turbo-boost my gains with audio-induced-all-night-woodies… :D

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Rest days are for healing. How about speeding up the process by soaking in a hot tub or whirlpool, lightly stretching it only to get the circulation going.

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On rest days I wank. Lol

Originally Posted by multiple
On rest days I wank. Lol

Or have a long sex session.

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I have usually done the 5 on 2 off routine, with the weekend being the rest days. Since we are so busy during the week, sex is pretty much reserved for weekends, so on my rest days, I do no PE, but instead my wife measures my unit using her vagina, or anus, or mouth, or hand, or whatever turns her on. Seems this arrangement is working out great, although I’m not sure it is the most accurate way to measure so we usually have to take measurement several times.

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