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What is stretched when you hang?

What is stretched when you hang?

When I hang, I have noticed that neither of my CCs are actually fully stretched. Not even close. It´s rather the dorsal ‘compartment’ thingy which is taking the stress. I truly believe I could stretch my dick at least another flaccid inch if it wasn´t for that stubborn fucker! Maybe even “1.5. My CCs aren´t particularly stretched and therefore I am wondering what mainly gets stretched for you guys?

And now the idiot question: are there any ligs in the dorsal thing? It seems really tough!


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Yes. Three bundles of the suspensory lig. attach to the dorsal surface of the tunica—the medial and left and right dorsal bundles.

These bundles anchor deeply into the tunica and actually “blend in” with the tunica’s axial fibers.

The only way to take the stress off of these bundles is to stretch at higher angles. THen, the ligs should go lax and the stress should be borne by the CCs.

If the ligs don’t go lax at high angles, then congratulations. This means you have great lig potential.

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Thanks ModestoMan!!! :D

So is it enough with SO or should I try even higher? The same angle as for OTS?

Thanks again!

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Since 2004 oct 10th: 1,25" BPEL , 0.6" Girth


Go as high as you need to go. You can tell by feel. Trace your CC’s down to your hip bones. Keep raising the stretching angle until you feel them become taut. Anything above that angle will pretty much exclusively target your tunica.

But the real question I have is what you should be stretching. Most people start out hanging at low angles and only switch to high angles once low angles become unproductive. If you’re ligs are so tight that they’re shielding the CCs from the stress of the applied weight, you might be better off stretching those ligs with lower angles for a while.

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Thanks again!

It seems that I´ll have to go low, so to speak, for a little while longer since it didn´t make any significant difference to hang high. I hope you´re right about the lig potential :D

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Since 2004 oct 10th: 1,25" BPEL , 0.6" Girth

I have wondered about this very thing, and also about when to switch angles. I’ve talked with BIB on the subject of LIG length and hanging BTC and if the Tunica receives any load at all, and we both had a similar idea. If you had no ligs at all the outer tunica would receive all of the stress, but since this is not the case the amount of load the Tunica carries is dependent on how far back the ligs attach. If your ligs are taxed out and in a completely extended state when hanging BTC the outer tunica will receive the load and it will grow. Upper angle hanging is something I don’t know a huge amount about, but this has to do with the inner tunica, correct? Which would be part of the CC?


If you had no ligs, your tunica (inner and outer) would both receive stress from hanging, pretty much regardless of angle. It’s true that the ligs intercept the stress to the inner tunica at low angles. Assuming your ligs are intact, the only way to stress the inner tunica is by hanging at higher angles.

It’s also true that the outer tunica is stressed regardless of hanging angle, since it’s distal to the ligs. However, the hanger limits the amount of outer tunica exposed to the stress, at least to some extent, because it grips the shaft somewhere along the middle.

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That makes plenty of sense. I’ve noticed that even though my ligs receive the stress when I hang BTC, I still feel it deep in the shaft and towards the pubic bone. If I’m hanging heavy enough I definitely feel the stress a bit further back as I get into my sets, as it seems the longer I hang the greater stress is received by the outer tunica which gives me a deep tissue fatigue.

Modesto, What do you think of working girth and hanging? I’ve had problems with doing both before. BIB suggested to do length then girth. Your thoughts?

Bib’s advice is sound. Growing more girth might make it harder to gain length later. I don’t know this for a fact, and there are certainly many examples of guys with large girths gaining considerable length, but there is some intuitive appeal to the notion that “it’s easier to stretch a thin rubber band than a fat one.”

There’s also the fact that hanging is quite a lot of work, if you’re doing it right. It seems that mixing hanging with other forms of PE will dilute your hanging efforts. It might also make your penis less susceptible to stretching (by giving you a fat flaccid) or compromise your skin, either of which will detract from your hanging efforts.

The only things I would recommend using to supplement hanging are manual stretches and possibly ADS.

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Modesto, Do you know of anyone ever thrombosing a vein due to hanging? I am at a complete loss at the moment as to how to deal with this problem. I took a three day break, and I don’t do girth work and this thing came back with a vengeance after my sessions today.

I’m wondering if it’s because I get erections once I’m done for the day, but I have a hard time thinking of what would cause the vein to thrombose. Any ideas or reccomendations on how to deal with this?

You might need a dreaded deconditioning break millionman to allow your penis to heal 100%…

It is possible, and I’ve considered an extended break, but I could always switch to manuals for a time and see how I react to that.


Is the thrombosed vein under the hanger, forward of the hanger (near the glans), or behind the hanger?

If it’s forward of the hanger, then the answer to your question is “yes.” I have personally had a thrombosed vein in that spot. I think it’s caused by extreme pressure caused by the hanger compressing and pulling the skin and tissues forward.

If this is your problem, your best bet,, short of an extended break, is the make sure you squeeze as much blood as possible out of the part of your penis that lies in front of the hanger. This will reduce the pressure there and keep from aggravating the vein so much.

Also, make sure you read up on all the various treatments for thrombosed veins. As, I recall, heat, rest, and massage are good treatments.

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Mine runs the length of my penis. It runs parallel to the big vein that runs the midline to the right of my shaft. Because it dissipates from the base to near the glans I’m not sure what has caused it, but it could be that I had taken three days off and I reaggrivated the soft tissues causing the vein to thrombose again. BIB, suggested that I hang a bit lighter and recondition, and I’m going to take anti-inflamatories and only do about two sets each session and make sure I heat very very well before each session and during, as well as take elongated rest periods for massage and ciculation.

When you can pull the weight up by pulling on the skin of the scrotum or above the shaft, there must not be much pressure on the ligs. Do you have to stretch out all that skin before it becomes a 100% pull on the ligs?


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