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Vacuum Hanger Wrapping Technique

Vacuum Hanger Wrapping Technique

For those of us who have tried Monkebar’s new hanger, we know that wrapping is really a thing of the past. Just pop on the hanger and away you go.

Or maybe not …

Since Monkeybar has replaced the silicone sleeves for the Vacu-Hanger with thicker ones, I’m now having a problem “popping” the hanger on. For some reason, the skin on my shaft seems more likely to get caught between the glans cap and the sleeve now than it was before.

I’m now trying out a simple solution, which I hope will work well for long periods of time. The solution involves applying a short length of silicone sleeve (a “wrap”) directly to the penis, directly under the spot where the main silicone sleeve turns over the edge of the glans cap and “pops” down onto the shaft. The purpose of this wrap is to gather the skin in this area to prevent little folds from getting pinched in the space between the glans cap and sleeve.

I’m using one of MB’s old sleeves as a wrap—a thin one—since no particular thickness or strength is needed. I think that the ideal wrap is very thin and just firm/tight enough to prevent skin folds. Too tight can obviously be a problem, especially for long duration hanging. Perhaps a short length of a condom would work even better.

I’ve now had the hanger on in this arrangement for about an hour, and it’s working fine. I may feel a wee bit of extra pressure in my glans, but it’s hard to say. The sleeve I’m using runs from the pocket formed between my corona and shaft to the point just beyond the end of the glans cap. Using the “wrap” this way also helps to prevent donut. My glans is totally exposed, however, as usual (I’m not averse to having a swollen head :) ).

The danger of this method is that the extra compression from the sleeve will cause the glans to swell (Uli Effect). I’m afraid I may be experiencing this. We’ll see after a couple of hours.

Aside from that small (and I think easily solvable) problem, this arrangement seems even more comfortable than the standard hanging arrangement.

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I think Monkey Bar’s vacuum hanger is the best thing out there,but I agree that wrapping is still necessary. I’m still trying to find the right mix of wrapping, sleeves, etc. In fact, I’m using some sleeves from BTC’s vacuum hanger over the sleeve on Monkey Bar’s design. I’m also applying a slight vacuum (through the hole in the plastic head attachment) to draw my unit in deeper. I then unroll the sleeve on the shaft, take 2 of BTC’s sleeves and place those on my shaft (over the original sleeve). Hope my explanation makes sense. But, still having some pinching and getting two symmetrical bruises on the head of my penis. I hang around 17-20 lbs, so the pinching can become intolerable after a while.

That’s a lot of weight. Last I heard, Monkeybar did not recommend anything over 10#.

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BTW, I only use MB’s hanger as an ADS, with weight in the 2-4# range. The method I described above is only directed at avoiding skin pinch between the cap and the sleeve.

At the level of weight you’re using, I think you may be ready to transition over to a conventional clamp-style hanger. Vacuum hangers are awesome, but they’re simply not well suited for high weight, at least not given the current technology.

I can hang in the 16# range with my Bib Hanger in complete comfort. I haven’t tried any more than that recently, so I’m guessing that the maximum comfortable weight is probably quite a bit higher.

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For last night’s ADS application, I used a 2.5” section of a latex condom as a wrap beneath my vacuum hanger. It worked fine and did its job of preventing my skin from getting pinched between the hanger’s plastic cap and silicone sleeve.

The only problem I had was a wee bit of skin irritation in the morning where the condom had been. I think I may be sensitive to latex. I’ll keep looking.

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