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The Captain's Wench: A Newbie Tale

The Captain's Wench: A Newbie Tale

This thread could be moved to the hanging thread as it is about hanging, or…

it could be moved to the review forum as it is a review,….

but I’m hoping the mods will leave it in the newbie thread as it was written by a newb for newbs.

So, I’ve decided to give hanging a try.

I have an extender (noose type) that I have been using but absolutely hate it. It gets rather painful with any length of time; perhaps I’m using it wrong. The vacuum type hanger looks just as scary to me. The BIB hanger looks promising albeit pricey, and I’m not fond of having to unscrew something in order to get loose. I tried ordering a Redi-stretcher but TPS seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. So…..

While logging on to Thunder’s one day, I came across this link:

The Captn’s Wench - Hanger, Manual Stretcher, ADS

I thought to myself, “wow, it’s cheap, can be discreetly hidden in the pants, doesn’t look painful, and because it’s velcro, I can just rip it off in an emergency.”
Thus began Operation: Captain’s Wench.

I should like to point out that I am not mechanically gifted. This device, however was very easy to make. I went down to Home Depot and bought the velcro and a clamp. I couldn’t find any “grippers” so I simply cut up an old mousepad I wasn’t using. I didn’t know where to get a nylon strip so I cut up an old guitar strap I wasn’t using. I spent $10 on the velcro & clamp. The directions were quite clear. It was very easy to make. I had enough raw material left over to make a few more if i were so inclined (I’m not so don’t ask me to make you one, lol). I didn’t have any theraband so I cut up an old sock. It worked fine. In the absence of weight plates I used an empty milk jug. I quickly learned that a glass of water is roughly a pound. The milk jug is very awkward. I shall have to go to the sporting goods store and buy some small plates.

The wench works great. It’s very comfortable and easy to get off. Also, with the help of a bungee cord I can hang at my desk by attaching the cord to a bar at the front of the desk. I can probably use the bungee cord to convert the wench into an ads. Quite a versatile little toy.

My compliments to the Captain.

Newbs, if you’re looking for an inexpensive entry into the world of hanging, I highly recommend the Captain’s Wench. (Be sure and read the Hanging 101 thread first, though :-) )

Thanks! I have been thinking about making one. Do you think an ADS requires prior conditioning? I’ve been doing PE for about 2 months and I probably won’t be able to make a wench until about month 3.

Though I believe Vacuum hanging is the most efficient type of hanging, hanging in general is the best way to get length IMHO. Congrats on the build and keep on hangin in there :)

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