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The Bib Hangers Are Back !!!

Mr Bigger is doing a limited production run of his hangers with the help of his boys. He will post later and give us an idea of how many hangers will be made in this run.

The website is open and ready for business now. If you have any problems with the site at all, post them in this thread or send me a PM and I will attempt to straighten them out.

A word or two about support, Bigger could use all the help he can get from the veteran hangers. You guys can help the new Bib owners and take some of the time demands off of Bigger.

Bib newbies can help out by reading the Product Guide, and then the Forum here to see if they can answer their own questions. If you can not find the answer, post the question here and someone will attempt to help you out.

Please save the emails to Bigger as a last resort type of deal. The less of a pain in the ass this hanger thing is for him, the more hangers he will end up making.

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Many many thanks to Thunder for getting the site up and going again. He has put in a hell of a lot of time and energy and patience getting the site up and working. I will tell you this, without Thunder, the Bibs would not be available now. I have neither the time or expertise to do the things he has done.

It seems to me the ordering stuff is fairly simple. If you will, please follow the instructions carefully, so there are not too many problems.

We have a good head start in production with quite a few already made. I can not tell yet how many the boys will be able to produce during their vacation, but it should be a good number. Production will probably continue at least into August. No promises though.

Thunder is correct about the questions. Please post them here first. You will probably get better answers than I can give alone. But if you need direct support, go ahead and email.


Bib - thanks for bringing them back! I just ordered one using PayPal, very simple and easy to order! Nice! Thanks again, and I can’t wait until it gets here!

One hell of a way to make summer money!

Well, I just made a transfer to PayPal.. I sure hope Lil’ Buster has one with his name on it? ;)

Daggum, Ize gonna beeee HUGE

This is the best news I’ve had in awhile! I’ve been checking this page daily since Bib hinted he may do a summer production run soon…many thanks to both Bib and Thunder.


I have a question. I already asked bib this question through email but just want to be clear about which hanger I wanna buy. My erect size is 5 1/2 ” and bib said that I should buy the starter hanger. my question is that lets say I have more than half an inch gain, would the starter hanger be less efficient than the oiriginal hanger cuz the original is recommended for atleast 6’ length. I hope I am making sense. help from bib or anybody else would be appreciated.

Whats included in the packaging? I don’t want someone else in my household picking up the package while I’m at work and seeing whats inside.

Hey fuel,

Just the hanger and wrap if you order the Thera-ban. No instructions,drawings, photos or anything like that. Comes in a plain cardboard box with the sender’s name of BH Ltd. If I remember correctly, it has been awhile.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Welcome aboard!!!

Hey Timberwolf,

First, welcome to the forums.

Second, I would think that learning how to hang with the starter would be a lot easier. It will still be a functional hanger when you get to 6 inches, it won’t quit working all of a sudden. :D I would concentrate on getting to the 6 inch mark and then consider whether you want to move up to the regular hanger.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

Buy one, buy one now. Stop drinking brews for a month, sell the old comic collection, whatever it takes. buy one now.

I attribute most of my .75” gains to Bib’s hanger.

This has NOT been a paid endorsement

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Thanks a lot thunder, but one last question then I ll make up my mind. can the original hanger still be used by a newbie and with length less than 6” effectively?

Hey Timberwolf,

Probably, I don’t think Bigger was leaving the 5 to 6 inch guys out when he built the regular model.

But you may buy a regular model and end up wishing you had bought a starter. Why not wait and get a couple more of the guys that actually hang to reply.

If Bigger suggested the Starter, it is a good bet that it would be the one that would be the most effective for you. He designed and built the hangers and knows what each one is best suited for.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.


Why not both? This is your penis we’re talking about, what’s a couple of hundred bucks? If Bib said to go with the starter then there should be no questioning his advice…there is also no promises that the hangers wil be available in the future, get one while you can imho especially since you’re not too far from that 6” mark.

Still debating(original or starter)

I’m been debating for quite sometime now on which hanger to buy but still have not come to a conclusion. By the way, I’m 6 1/2” erect bone pressed and just a shade under 5” in girth erect (4 7/8” at midpoint to be exact) Could someone please help me out with this situation? I would of probably bought the original without hesitation at first, but when I read that Hubbard prefers the bibstarter, it made come to this fork in the road. All responses are welcomed.

Original or starter

Hubbard prefers the starter you say? OK, that’s his personal choice and may be best for him and for others. Maybe you too.

Just remember that the BASIC difference between original and starter is that the original is larger and therefore ‘takes hold’ on a larger surface area. IMPO, the only reason for not getting a starter is that your flaccid length makes it difficult or not viable. I already had an original when the starter came out, thought of buying it, but instead learnt to hang better with the original. Obviously, what you want is a hanger that works, that you can make work well for you.

As far as packaging is concerned, there is NO way anyone could even guess what it is without opening it. And it is very inconspicuous too. Could even be a box of CD’s. Doesn’t raise eyebrows.


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