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Question for Bib or other long time hangers

Question for Bib or other long time hangers

I have been hanging 20 lbs for about 3 weeks now and have gained .25”. I know I started out heavy but I have been pulling on my unit for over a year with quite some force so I felt like the lower weight was not stressing my ligs enough. Everything is going well, I do not have any pain while hanging, and my unit only gets a little cool, with some dark color change. My concern is that I do notice some white lines in the skin that is over my glans while hanging and a few small dried blood blisters in the same area. When the hanger is off these are still present and are in the frelum area. I also have noticed a little decrease in sensitivity in the foreskin and glans area. I was wondering if this is normal or if I am doing something wrong.


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It sounds to me like you are hanging too much weight. I have been hanging for 8 months and only hang a max of 25 lbs. Try reducing the weight to maybe 17.5 for a week or so and see if that helps.

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I agree with toid. Is the leading wrap edge causeing the white lines? Check the wrap in between the V where the two halves come together. Check it with the weight applied. The wrap in this area may be too tight, giving a noose effect. You should be able to push into the wrap and underlying penis fairly easily.

The blood blisters are from too high blood pressure on the head side of the hanger, probably from the high weight. Your penis is not ready for that amount of pressure yet.

Congratulations on the gains!


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