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Thal's theory on hanging gains

Thal's theory on hanging gains

Ok first this is the only way that I am seeing my gains. So what works for one man might not work for another.

The only time I gain is when I take about a 3-4 day break. Which I know I’m not suppose to do. But here is how I have been gaining. I hang everyday for about a month straight. 4-6 sets a day. Remember no rest days. So my ligs are sore as hell by then. Then something would always come up and I couldn’t get to my hanging for a few days.( I do side work for my old boss a few days a month and work all day long come home and pass out). During these days when I couldn’t hang I would at least do 10 min stretches in the morning and night. Like some hard pull downs and BTC stretches. The lig soreness is still there every morning and night when I stretch all the way though the off days. During these rest days is when I see the gains. About .25 every time. Almost like someone waved a magic wand and my dick grew.

Theory on why I have only gained during these periods. First off the simplest and most likely answer is that I am going up in weight and that’s why I’m gaining. 12.5 Lbs which most people say is when they see real gains. If so my off days might be screwing me up, but there is no way around it when you work 16 hours a day for a week. But I have hung on a “regular” hanging routine with no gains.

But my theory is a little different, now stay with me on this one. I hang for a month straight, now the ligs are pulled stretched and DAMAGED. During the rest period my ligs begin to repair them selves. Now there is a thin layer of new repaired tissue around my ligs. When I stretch these ligs during the morning and night I am taking that repaired tissue and stretching it. Maybe causing cracks in the thin layer of repaired “skin” on the lig. Thus causing the ligs to repair in a stretch position. Like taking the “skin” and breaking it apart, over and over again though out the day.

I would suppose this is why the ADS weights might work so well for some people. Big Girtha swears by them. But the manual stretches might be the key to the whole thing.

Maybe this is a crack head idea but I have been trying to come up with answer to why I only gain during my breaks which I know I am not suppose to do. But I have gained a 1/4 each time including my last which I am just coming off of so that puts me a 8 inches long and a gain of an inch in about 5-6 months of hanging. And my gains come all at once during these off days. I measure a lot.

So tell me what you think my Thunder brothers. Maybe some who are hard gainers with hanging might want to give this a try.

Interesting theory Thal. I will begin my month long hanging on the Mov 16th and try your 3-4 day break and let you know how it goes. I’m always up for a new routine. :)


Since you do a AM and PM session, do you do 4/15min session in the morning and night or do you break it down with 2/15min session in the AM and 2 in the PM?

Just 4-6 sets a days dosen’t matter.

During my first months of PE a good portion of the month’s gain would occur during the 3-5 rest days I took before measuring. I didn’t put good effort into hanging until later, but hanging gains haven’t shown the same pattern.

A couple times I’ve gained the most during the first few weeks back after a break. No or very few rest days during those weeks. Or, if no gain in the first weeks I’d get a small gain at around the 4-6 week mark. Again, without taking rest days. My size stayed the same even after taking 3-5 days off before measuring “officially.”

Your theory may be right, at least in some circumstances. I’m trying something similar to what you describe based on the same idea except I’m doing it on a shorter timescale. Hang/stretch relatively hard for a day or three, then ease up for a few days. Repeat.

There are other possible explanations for what you’re experiencing. The fatigue may be reducing your erection quality, which gets cured by going easy for several days. How are you measuring? BPEL only, or also BPFSL? Does BPFSL also increase during the easy time?

Another possibility is the tissues contract in response to the chronic stress. Time off or at greatly reduced intensity allows them to relax and expand to their fullest upon erection.

Yea erection quality crossed my mine. But I doubt that my erection quality has improved an inch. In which case my break I think would be a good thing. I measure BPEL. All I know is that every time I do this I gain about 1/4 inch but I can always feel and see the gain. But the manual stretches is KEY. But I have to say that I do those manual stretches more then ten minutes a day. On the off days I pull and yank on my wee wee as much as I can. So it’s more like every hour I pull on it for about 5 mins. Without doing those I think the ligs are going to heal in a turtled state. And the day that I wake up and the lig soreness is fading is the day I start to hang again as to not let the ligs completely heal.

I think that theory has been around. It is called decon breaks, or extended rest days. Thats what I do for gains.

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I think this is different then a decon break.

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