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POLL: Hanging Gains.


POLL: Hanging Gains.

Whatsup all,

How much have you guys gaines on your tool solely from hanging? I tried vieiwing the database but that takes everything into account. So I was just curious.



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I want to offer something here. I am a hard gainer(newbie gains are done). I have read this forum carefully and I am not afraid to throw out the old routine if it is not producing gains. Well, last week after reading some older Bib posts I decided to try strick BTC hanging (and I mean BTC!, not SD). My God , after 2 sessions of real BTC (coupled with 5-6 hrs ADS) I am on to new gains. I am totally renewed to hanging. Actually, I feel dumb. Weeks, months without solid gains, wondering it this whole thing is a measurement error. Then what? BTC! Bib you are THE MAN! You never let us down. Your story is truth. When I get out of income tax debt I am going to donate (again) to Thunders ( I hope that SOME comes your way). This forum is the best. Anyone feeling stuck should try BTC. Also I am at 15 lbs max whereas SD hanging I can do 20 max.


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So Far


Erect Length and Girth 8 x 5.5 |11/22/04|

Erect Length and Girth 10 1/2 x 6.0 [4/29/06]

Erect Length and Girth 8 x 5.2 [8/23/2013] Had A Injury That Caused me to take a break from PE


For those who have seen solid gains of an inch or more, are you using an ADS and what amount of weight are you hanging with?

Also, how long into the hanging routine did it take before you began to see gains? Do you take time off or do you try to “hang” every day?

Well I have and always am gonna use 29 lbs have since I started heh.I figure it like that weight should be good for a good while.I am not sure what ADS are don’t really read much of the forums lol.I just did this today because I was bored.I do like that one dude umm not sure what his name was but he said he does 2-3 sets of 20 minute sessions with the 10 minute jelqing inbetween.I do take time off though sometimes if I get to sore.Yep thats about it back to my workout heh I do 500 crunches,300 pushups, and 50 leg lifts a day heh.Laterz

Erect Length and Girth 8 x 5.5 |11/22/04|

Erect Length and Girth 10 1/2 x 6.0 [4/29/06]

Erect Length and Girth 8 x 5.2 [8/23/2013] Had A Injury That Caused me to take a break from PE

Whats the best way to get length gains

0.25”. A hard gainer here.

Anything can work, how much you get depends on how lucky you are with your physiology. Stretching and hanging are considered the best individual ways for length.
Try stretching after jelqing with plenty of heat before and after jelqing. This costs you nothing and the intensity can be kept low then increased easily.

Only if you run out of gains then consider hanging.

How much do you guys hang for?

I’ve gained 1.25” erect length over 1 year on and off, I have gradually increased the weight as I have been able to handle it, currently hanging 10lbs in 20min sets BTC. For between 2 and 3 hours 6 days a week. Occationaly go to 20lb but only for three 10 mins sets standing up, then back to 10lbs BTC. I feel the heavier weight is better but it’s a bit intense for me at the minute.

My current routine is to warmup with 10 lbs X 20 min, 12.5 X 20, 15 X 20, 15 X 18, 13.75 X 12, 12.5 X 10-15.
All BTC. I do this 2-4 days on 1 day off depending on fatigue or time contraints.
I plan to stay with BTC until I don’t get a gain for 3 straight weeks. They I plan to go to SO then OTS then back to BTC. When this stops working I plan to increase the weight. I can hang more in the other angles athough I have not done OTS for a long time.

BTW, my routine keeps evolving but this is my current plan unless I pick up better advise from this forum.
I also use an ADS and pump/clamp occassionally (I like to use the pump as I get very accurate measurements using it). My BPEL ranges +/- 1/16” currently 6 3/4 to 6 7/8 measured on top. Side measurement I get an additional 1/2”. I can hardly wait to be a solid 7”, better yet if I get gaining down to simply a matter of time I am going to throw a Penis Party and tell all my friends about my good fortune, just kidding.

joe king,
Good to hear that you are a BTC guy. Nice gains! What is your set-up like?


Can someone explain what is BTC, or SD or OTS

Have been hanging for a month now: Started with 10 lb 1st week, 15 lb 2nd and then sticked to 20 lb till now(for 2 weeks). My sets are 2 x 20 min with 10 min of jelging inbetween. I start with streching & end up with it.

Been into PE for last one year.

Results of the last month 3 cm in grith & approx. 1 cm in length.


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