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Gains from upper angle hanging


Gains from upper angle hanging

Calling all hangers:

How much have you gained from upper angle hanging only (at any angle above your LOT)?

Please enter the number of inches (or mm) gained, your hanging position, and any comments on your upper angle experience. Also, please specify if you engaged in any other PE activities at the same time you saw your upper angle gains.

This is for data collection and theory building purposes, so the more responses the better.


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.25” in 2 months. Combination of turned fulcrum and OTS. No other PE. The general routine that evolved is here.

I gained 3/16” the first month (a huge gain for me) and 1/16” the next. That was the first time I put good effort into the upper angles. I had taken a break before this. More info here.

Thanks, Hobby! Those are some nice gains. I hope to have some gains of my own to report here soon.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I have hanged OTS and SO exclusively with some fulcrum SO and fulcrum SD thrown in for a few days and might have gained a little bit for tunica gains, but whats funny is after using the search feature here and doing lots of studying about the tunica and what people have done to get gains I went back to manual stretching, particulary V-Stretchs, Inverted V-Stretchs, and A-Stretchs, Thumb Stretchs, Basic Manual stretchs, and a few stretchs I made up for myself. I am finding with or without heat I can actually fatigue my whole shaft/tunica and my inner shaft/tunica as well just using manual stretching with the right timing and technique!

I don’t know if this pattern will continue but I am starting to make a theory that may apply to all, on how to get the quickest tunica gains for manual stretching and part of it involves every now and then jelqing and doing a few horse squeezes (gotta really watch out with those things ;) ) hardcore and then stopping all girth work once your dick is expanded and allow something like 1 rest day for the new girth to kick in and then go to those manual stretchs I listed to fatigue the inner and outer tunica/shaft again to take that new mass/matter from the girth work and stretch the new girth/mass out for more length gains, thus making my penis lose bloodflow again and girth but makes length gains quickly, then I repeat the process again pumping the girth up and bloodflow and then stretching the new girth out again until I get inner and outer shaft soreness for more tunica gains! :)

So far I have I think I have made over a 1 or 2 mm in tunica gains and my flaccid is longer and hangs longer all day, I think I have made little erect gains but I need to get my measuring down a little better. There is no doubt whatsoever that I have made real tunica gains (finnaly, before all my gains were from the ligs and my LOT is about 7:00 to 6:00 now!) and I am closing in fast on the key at least for me to getting them consitentely. There is only so many more new ways seriosuly for me to manual stretch and hang for me it seems. I do admit I still have much more to learn about hanging and I need to try a production model hanger, I keep having to resort to homemade hangers and something is just not right…

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0.25” in 6 weeks. Hitting angles 9:00-OTS, every other day, some with side fulcrum, some with top fulcrum (V-stretch). I also jelqed and wore a homemade tunica stretching ADS.

originally: 6.5" BPEL x 5.0" EG (ms); currently: 9.375" BPEL x 6.75" EG (ms)

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So only 3 guys have ever gained from upper angle hanging?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

I’ll let you know. I’m hanging SO with a rock bottom LOT, but it’s too soon to say I’ve gained.

Measurements as of June 29, 2005 eg: 6 inch bpel: 7.2 inch nbpel: 6.3 inch My Goal eg: 7 inch bpel: 8.9 inch nbpel: 8 inch Have A Nice Day! :)

I hanged upper angles and got nothing.

Low lot. I was only hanging at the time.


Low LOT be damned. You may still have some lig potential. See the LOT Simulator.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan

Low LOT be damned. You may still have some lig potential. See the LOT Simulator.

Started at 7 :(

LOT simulator? I’ve been gone a while, so I’m not sure what you’re referring to.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
The Lot-a-Matic 2000.

LOT Simulator

Thank you.

Great work, ModestoMan.

I gained 1/8th of an inch in about ten weeks of solid SO and OTS hanging. Before that I gained 1/8th of and inch in about three months of SD and BTC.

At the start of my SO and OTS month my lot was about 6-6:30, it is now 7-7:30.

I see a pattern in my gains, it looks like I’m going to get to 8 inches an eighth of an inch at a time.

Since I had a low LOT to begin with, I did a lot of upward stretching. I contribute 75% of my 1.9” length gain to this. Hope this helps, MM.

Wow! Great gains, XL. Did you do much downward stretching in spite of your low LOT?

You see, I don’t believe that having a low LOT necessarily means your gains are all from your tunica. Low LOT and low lig potential are two different things, in my book.

So, I want to make sure we separate out your gains from downward stretching (which might include lig gains, despite your low LOT) from those from upward stretching (which certainly don’t include lig gains).

DO you still want to sat\y 75% of 1.9” ?

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

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