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Surprise...Got the Bib today!

Surprise...Got the Bib today!

Man, I had a huge surprise when a Bib starter came to the house today. I never saw this coming. I guess my wife saw me looking at the pic’s on Bib’s web site and felt sorry for me. Is that COOL or what?

It’s bigger than I imagined and beautifully made!! Tried it on for a bit for a test drive and feels just great on the ole member. Gotta get serious with it tomorrow and start doing sets, after some intial adjustments. Starting out slow and easy @ 5 lbs but I can tell this is gonna be sweet!

Bib, you make one fine hanger!
Keep up the good work.



So, you are the lucky soul. You have a very generous and loving wife. Be sure to take good care of her, and know that she loves you very much.

All the luck,


I suppose any other partners reading this thread might like to know the Christmas cut off date :D

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Yes, I thought about that the other day. Thanks for mentioning it. I will be out of town for about five days over Thanksgiving, and for probably ten days around Xmas. My wife has not told me my schedule yet.

When I know, I will get T to put it up on the website and probably here. But with the Xmas mail the way it is, get the Xmas gift orders in as soon as possible. There usually are a couple guys that want them FedExed. That cost a lot of money, so plan ahead.


I love it, what a fine wife you have. It is great when they support you. Hell, I love getting told when it is getting bigger.


Hey guys,

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah shes a keeper for sure. She always supported me with just about anything… well not anything. he he.
She said this was my Christmas present. My present to her will hopefully be a bigger Santa to play with. I’m sure it will be!!

Looking forward to logging as many hours as possible with the new Bib. It is just great. I like the Theraband as well, never used it before but it has some good gripping action on my unit.

Bib, yeap I’m the lucky soul. She can be pretty crafty some times but that’s what I love about her. I really got a good one for sure!
BTW, excellent shipping time. Thanks.

Jones, I’ll love hearing that too, can’t wait!

Ok, gotta go hanging now.

PS, just wanted to thank you guys for all the help with questions. This is truly a great place to be and learn.




I am envious of the obvious happiness you have found in one woman. Congratulations on obtaining both her and the BIB. Now you owe that gem a humongous penis, so get to work!

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So did you get any gains yet?? :D The bib is a great tool!!

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PirateSteve, will do!!

I got in a couple 20 min sets this morning w/ light jelking between. Because the Bib is new to me I took it slow to get the feel of this great hanger… only using 5 lbs for a couple of weeks, we’ll see after that on weight increase.

Today the wife and I went to Staples to look around and she bought me a new calendar. Was that a hint I wonder?? So I got to get my meaty bone in gear this year. Yeap, she’s really good to me. Maybe more than I deserve but hey, what can I say.


Nope, not yet. When I used another hanger, hate to mention there name, but, (the Gripe) at times I’d get some good flaccid increase hanging around 7- 8 lbs and using slow forceful jelqs after sets but never actually cemented any erect gains to speak of.

But this is a new month with a brand new hanger and coupled with a new attitude I see no reason not to get gains within a month or two, If I can stay consistant.
I’m gonna take some starting measurments since it’s like I’m starting hanging over again. I might post them here at Thunders to make things official and keep me honest. Where do you post your stats here at Thunders?

PS, Anyone hanging on Holloween? I thought about it, but sounds a little scary to me…



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