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Sore after hanging, should I rest?

Sore after hanging, should I rest?

Last week I hang a bit more weight then I use to. I got great PI with rock hard erections and also more frequent. Now my dick feels a bit sore and my questions is should I rest completely for a couple of days or should I use my ADS to let my dick heal in the extended state? The last two days the erections is less in frequency and not as hard as they where last week. Flacid state is also a bit smaller.

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It largely depend on the opinion you do want to adhere. My opinion on the matter is that if your penis is fatigued you have to rest. Healing in an extended state doesn’t make any sense to me, since when you do PE you don’t cut your penis.

ok. But after my hanging sessions I usely wear my ADS for a couple of hours and my flacid hang is much better then after one single hanging session (without the ADS). Maybe it`s better to take a couple of days rest.

Soreness and dull aching can be a good sign but if the size decreases a bit I think you’ve gone a bit too far. There’s a fine balance between going a bit too far and giving it a good workout. I’m not sure I would stop completely, unless there’s any pain, that might ruin the momentum you’ve built up, but I would go a little bit lighter until it gets better. Lite små värk kan vara ett bra tecken (lite som träningsvärk), men ryck inte loss ballen bara haha

Check out this thread, they talk about these things
Ligament Healing And PE

Dicko, ja det skulle nog kunna klassas som lite småvärk i hela ballen, påminner faktiskt om träningsvärk som du säger. :)

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