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Seems as though stretching and jelqing are pointless..... just hang?


Seems as though stretching and jelqing are pointless..... just hang?

After reading here more recently I’ve come to notice alot of people doing hanging and talking about the better gains in length that it gives you… and I’m wondering if its so much better, why don’t I just hang instead of doing the manual routines. How do the manual routines compare to hanging? Now I feel as though I’m wasting my time just doing manual stretching and jelqing if I want a sure bet at gains.

Hey python… that was my thought exactly when I started my research on pe and reading the boards. So I just went with hanging and bought the bib. I haven’t regretted the decision. I gained .25 to .5 inches in the last two months or so. Maybe a little more recently.

BUT, even though there seems to be a lot of stories out there that stretching and jelqing doesn’t work as well, there are a few that I find very interesting and has caused me to re-think it more. I’m definitely not giving up hanging, though. Particularly look up X-troop’s progress reports. If it’s not bogus, and I don’t think it is, his experience certainly supports stretching and jelqing. Although the key point there, to me, is his emphasis on “intensity”. I believe that the people who don’t get results are lacking in intensity. Because it’s such a relative term, some people are going to think they’re being intense, when in actuality, they’re not. And others will go overboard and go beyond intense and injure themselves and then we hear those stories, get a little unnerved, and back off on the intensity. This personally happened to me. I went at it with intensity, got a minor injury, backed off the intensity, hit a “plateau”, and now I’ve recently increased the intensity and started getting results again. Sometimes I feel it’s a very risky and dangerous balancing act.

And, yes, the sure bet to me seems to be with hanging. In my mind, I absolutely know I will have a big dick in my future. Although I think I recall a few hangers out there not getting results yet… or at least not as quickly as they want (but “not as quickly” is the story of all of us). :)

It is my understanding that jelqing is for girth and that hanging doesn’t do much for girth (except base girth) so why not hang for length and do jelqs (or some of the other girth exercises) for girth?

9X6 wrote:
>Sometimes I feel it’s a very risky and dangerous balancing act. <

I think this is so true when it comes to intensity. I’ve applied this to weight lifting and running. I must challenge myself to go beyond my last workout even if it’s only one rep, one more lap, or another lb. And since I know my body well, I can tell when I’m doing damage.
I’m new to hanging and can’t wait until I get my Bib from Bib. I ordered it a couple a days ago.
But I’ve been hanging a little with a homemade hanger to get used to hanging weight off my penis. It seems like a very strange thing to do at first.

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Hanging is the best for length but you still need jelqs and squeezes for girth. The only girth gains from hanging are in the base like druid said

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Working both girth and length

Dino, we all pretty much agree hanging for length and jelqs, squeezes, bends, 440s Ulis and pumping etc for girth. Do you think working both girth and length together is a bad idea? I’m beginning to feel the girth work is hindering or slowing any length results I should be getting from my hanging. I’ve read Bib’s advice that it is easier to stretch a thin cable than a thick one, just wonder what your advice on this is as well as any others.

Python, sorry to hog your thread, but though you might benifit from this question also.


No problem. I went to check out the bib hangers and saw the price was like 100$+ was i reading this correctly? If so, guess i wont be having one anytime soon… im a broke college student.

Here’s the link to the homemade bib.

I think the material cost is like…less than $20. Besides, the bib isn’t the end all/be all of hanging. Look through the older PE archives, - Tom Hubbard’s section and the older posts in the hanging forum. Or build a wench. Hell, some of hubbard’s old hangers were made of toothbrushes, theraband and a clothesline. The “AFB Roadwarrior” I believe it’s called. GREAT for travelling so you can avoid hassles from security.

Alright, bro. Take it easy. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, but don’t be afraid to poke around either.


EDIT: Ahhhhhhh Thunder beat me to the punch. Screw it. I’m leaving the post.

Sorry Thunder, I forgot, i’m tryinig though. It’s a really bad habit.

I’m more of a visual learner it seems after trying to understand how to make one. From what I understood in the instructions, I can buy theraband and cut 3” off. Then cut down one side of it so that it opens up. Then when I wrap it around the penis I basically draw the U shape for the penis head. After this I drill a hole basically under the pee hole of the penis so that I can put the “S” thing there. Then I use one of the clamps to keep the therabrand wrapped on there tightly? Also am I supposed to wrap cloth around the penis underneath the therabrand? A few other questions I have are, do you guys go out and buy weights? And can all this stuff (therabrand, S shape thing, clamps, weights), be bought at a place like Home Depot or some other similar store. Thanks in advance and sorry if these questions were already answered, I just had trouble understanding the reading and am going by what I saw in the diagram and apply that to what I did understand from the reading.

Hey Python,

The hanger is made from PVC tubing, the soft pliable type. Theraband is the wrapping material, which can be ordered online or found at a medical supply store. You can substitute a plastic water jug, filled as necessary, for the weights.

Before you make up your mind to build a homemade Bib, check out some of the other home made hangers. The wench or AFB may suit you better.

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I pretty much feel the same way, while I’m in length mode I only do some jelqing for health and a squeeze here and there because I can’t help myself and I only do it once or twice a week. Soon I will switch to a all girth workout maybe in a month.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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