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SD - Lig Question

SD - Lig Question

I have been hanging for almost two weeks with a wench, but I fail to feel a lig burn. I definately felt a burn in the skin, but now I don’t feel it so much. Should I feel a burn in the ligs? Experience from the vets would be excellent. Thanks

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>Should I feel a burn in the ligs?<

Some guys get to the point where they do, others don’t - but what you are seeking is lig fatigue. Unlike the skin, which is very easily stressed, ligs usually take a little more time to fatigue, so do not expect the “instant burn” you experienced with your skin.

A mild tugging sensation in the ligs will let you know that your weight is being effective. When ultimately you reach fatigue you may experience a burn/ache - one that if you you were to remain at your current weight would prevent you from hanging. It is at this point (following that set) that you want to lower your weight by appx 1 - 1.5 lbs. This is when you are being most effective towards gaining: Riding down fatigue.

Some guys never experience this burning fatigue, so don’t fret if it never comes - just know your limits and respect your maximum weight.

Also, hanging BTC (between the cheeks) is even more effective at stressing your ligs.


Thanks Cap - Yes, I usually add in a BTC set or two a week, but for the most part I hang while at the computer. Its just easier for me to hang SD. Thanks Cap!

Starting 6.75 EBPL 4.85 EG Goal 7.75 NBEL 5.5 EG

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