Rice Sock Duct Tape (RSDT) Fulcrum: Pictures Needed

I’m going to build a Rice Sock Duct Tape (RSDT) soon. However, I’m looking for more pictures to figure out the ideal way to build one.

For whatever reason, I only found a total of 3x threads on the subject.

RSDT Fulcrum Pictures
Are there any RSDT videos that anyone knows about?

I found these 2x RSDT threads—

And this thread as well:
Rice Sock Duct Tape Fulcrum…any Gains?

I’m wondering if there are any other pictures out there besides the ones lostracco posted. I did look through Bib’s threads, but I don’t see the pictures (are you guys still sure there are any pictures on bibs forum?). If someone can post a link to where I can find more RSDT pictures, it would be greatly appreciated!

If I can just see how the RSDT should look, I’ll have a better shot at making mine properly.