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Repeatability of the Wrapping Process

Repeatability of the Wrapping Process

To be able to hang, one must be able to duplicate the hanger settings and wrapping from day to day. An area I struggled with was wrapping, until I had “forehead” slapping moment the other day.

After wrapping ( I use theraband over sweatshirt material) take a ballpoint pen and draw a line along the top of the theraband from tip to base. The next time you wrap its easy to duplicate the spiral and tension in the theraband simply by wrapping such that the line is set up straight again.

Its so simple and works so well I assume someone else has already come up with it.


That is simply a marvelous idea. The only thing you will have to watch for is permanent stretching of the Theraband requiring slightly more tightness of the wrap, and putting your marks off a little. But this stretching of the Thera will occur very slowly. Also, the girth of the flaccid penis will change slightly from day to day. But with the marks, you will have much more information to work with.

A truly great idea. Congratulations.



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