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My wrapping, is this OK?

My wrapping, is this OK?

Please bear with me as this might be long.

I have corresponded with Bib many times about having problems wrapping. He was always very prompt, helpful and patient in his replies. I have both the bib original and bib starter models. I began PE in late March 2001 at 5.75 EBPL and 4.75 girth. With stretching, vstretches and using the bib original I was probably at 6.4375 EBPL in 5 months. The thoughts that were racing through my head “Wow I’ll have 8 inches by March of 2002” and the like. But I hit a nasty plateau in about Sept that I have not yet broker. I could not get past 6.4375 no matter how hard I tried.

I was hanging 18 to 20 pounds usaully 3 to 4 sets of 20 minutes when I could. This was usually 4 times a week. I know it’s not alot but unfortunately I have a roomate and it’s kind of hard to explain locking the door for hours on end and the sound of weights clanking around. Anyway, I was still having problems with wrapping. Like I said Bib was very helpful. I was using Ace Bandage and the overwrapping that with thera band.(gold). I was finding at this weight I was having to wrap 1.5 to 2 inches behind the head in order for the glans to not take too much pressure for my comfort. I also found that sometimes it was hard for me to distiguish between skin pull and lig tension. With this method I would find that after I unwrapped I would usually have an area on my unit that felt and looked ‘bubbled’. It was like there was a fluid buildup or something. I saw in some other the post that others had experienced this and it did go away by morning so I didn’t pay it much mind.

For the last 2 days I have wrapped differently. I have been using 15 to 20 pounds with no discomfort, no bubbling and VERY minor discoloration to what I had been seeing previously. I wanted to run this by you Bib when you have the time to view this post and see if you think this is OK. I am now using 1 wrap of theraband and the Bib Original. This is what differs. I now wrap about 1 to 1.25 inches from the head. When I finish with the theraband I take a smal damp sponge and wrap around the theraband. The sponge is probably set about 1/4 quarter of an inch above the theraband. Then I attach and tighten the hanger. I am experiencing no slippage, great comfort and good lig pull. I could actually read a book or something(I have been practicing guitar) if I wanted to.

Sorry I sent before finished

Yikes, I accidently sent that post before I was finished. To continue an added bonus I am finding this way is that I can soak the sponge in very hot water an then hang with this extra heat. Bib, do you think this method is OK? I don’t think I am cutting off circulation as I am not experiening any numbness. I just wanted to run this by you to see if this puts up any red flags in your opinion.


Sounds good to me!

Make sure you check the color and temperature of the glans regularly and be careful it’s not putting too much pressure on the glans. If that’s OK then I can’t see any problems. If it’s giving you greater comfort and a better stretch then go for it! Might try it myself. My only concern is the effect that moisture may have on the hanger unit. What sort of sponge are you using?

lil1 :sun:

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As lil said, if it works for you, go for it. Also, he is correct to moniter the color and temp.

In my past experience and testing, the more padding, the more slipping, and less blood circulation. Whenever I used any wrapping or padding with more air in it, the comfort level went down.

It could be you just needed more girth. At some point, you might try more cloth underwrap to see if this is the case.

Keep us posted.


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