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Question for long-time hangers

Question for long-time hangers

I have hung at about all the angles at various times, SD, BTC, OTL, SO and SU. Just trying to get a good overall fatigue going on.

With a LOT of about 7:30/8:00, should I just be doing BTC? I’ve read threads that touch on this, especially Bib’s/Bigger’s. But I am hoping to get some opinions on this from other experienced hanging vets.

I was wondering if anyone else has done BTC exclusively until their LOT dropped to say 6:00 or so, getting good lig gains, then switched to higher angles, raised their LOT back up over time, and continued getting gains.

I recently had to reduce my hanging sets and stop adding weight due to problems with my glands. I can only do three 20 minute sets at 10 lbs per day now.

I just feel like I’ve been hanging without any real game plan. With my reduced sets/weight, I don’t want to waste time with alternate angles if I should just be concentrating on ligs right now.

Any opinions/critiques/experiences would be much appreciated.

Thanks again,


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I asked Bib the same question and he replied,

“If I were you, I would concentrate on BTC until my gains stopped, and then switch to OTS as the primary angle. You can use SO as your secondary angle on both for when you are fatigued at the primary angle.”

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