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Question about where to place hanger


Question about where to place hanger

Okay so ive been experimenting with where to place the hanger recently and I have noticed that it seems if i wrap and attach the hanger closest to my body i tend to hit fatigue quicker. Im not sure why this is but I believe it is because all the stress from the weight is concentrated on a smaller area as opposed to hanging an inch away from glans. Basically I want to know if it would be benefitial to hang to fatigue while the hanger is closest to my body and then move the wrap along with the hanger closer to the head, and by the end of the day I will have stressed out the enire lig rather than just part. Does this make any sense? Or does it not depend on where you attach the hanger?Basically i want to know the difference between hanging an inch away from you glans as opposed to attaching the hanger the closest towards your body as possible?

Another thing I want to ad is this my bib kinda broke sorta, that little white end cap that goves the end of one of the screws literally crumbled away in my hand yesterday, but thats all good because Im finally starting to see gains and now im actually motivated.

Those little beads serve no real purpose, if you actually use it they come off. I thought about replacing mine with some purple or red ones to compare to dick colors. :)

You must have sufficient skin to do what you describe, it took me a while to get to the point where I was able to attach so far back without screaming. I really enjoyed doing what you described, especially when I ran out of attachment points due to soreness.

I think you may be getting confused on the anatomy in regards to the ligs, but it’s all good. Westla90069 has done some great work with anatomy, do a search for some of his work. Hell, he may even bless us with his presence here. :)

Okay so i viewed some of Westla90069’s posts but im still wondering wether or not there is a difference in attaching the hanger an inch below the glands compared to as close to you body as possible.

penis ligs.jpg


Both ligs are are near pubic bone but im confused about the fascluli(A bundle of anatomical fibers, as of muscle or nerve) Since it encircles the corpa couldnt you see more gains from attaching the hanger an inch away from the glans? Or since both ligaments are not actually in the penis but rather attached to the pubic bone, is it safe to say that no matter where you attach the hanger it will work the same thing, while hanging BTC?( talking strictly about ligs and not skin).

Can anbody answer my questions?

I always attach the hanger as close to my pubic bone as I can.It’s really more for comfort that I started doing it,but I’ve gained a quarter of an inch of llengthsince July.When I first started hanging I attached about mid shaft.Once I got skin and ligs stretched that became really uncomfortable for me,hence moving it further back.I will occasionally hang straight down for a day just to mix it up but otherwise I always attach as close to the pubic bone as I can .

That still does not answer my question….

actually he did, you can still gain length while attatching to closest to your body and being the most comfortable. As far as chainz_8 goes anyway =)

When you’re hanging SD or BTC having the hanger at the base or below your glans should target your ligaments equally BUT only if there’s no tension at your skin at all. The further down your shaft towards the base you attach the hanger the more tension will be on the skin. The more of the tension is on your skin the more comfortable it gets, but all that tension is a waste because it doesn’t stretch your ligaments.

Attaching the weight below your glans also targets the tunica in front of wear the ligaments is attached when you’re hanging SD or BTC. So that’s by far the best choice. Perhaps you should use less weight if the current weight is too uncomfortable.

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Originally Posted by Piet
The further down your shaft you attach the hanger the more tension will be on the skin.

Which way is “down”, towards the glans or toward the base?

Oops I meant towards the base ;)

Thank you so much Piet, you have answered my question.

The main difference between hanging at the base and below the glans is that near the glans the hanger (if tight enough) can’t slide down beyond the end of the CC’s which act as a stopper for your hanger. At the base only the skin can prevent it from sliding down which is why most of the tension will be on your skin.

I try to put it as close to my head as possible,but I keep chocking myself.Am I doing something wrong?

Originally Posted by stretchedout
I try to put it as close to my head as possible,but I keep chocking myself.Am I doing something wrong?

Can you describe what you mean by choking e.g does it hurt or does your glans get hard? The more info you give the easier it is to help you ;)

I had the same exact question.and tried applying the hanger closer to my head, like Piet said, but can’t seem to get a good hold on the shaft. The hanger almost always slides down a little over my head, even when I put it very tight and was wondering if you guys have any suggestions?

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