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Question about my home-made masking tape hanger

Question about my home-made masking tape hanger

Basically, I would like to know if you guys think this is ok and/or if you tried anything like this.

Basically, my “home-made” hanger is rather simple: I use a masking tape and shoe-lace with a weight.

Note: the masking tape isn’t the thin plastic kind, but rather a 1 mm thick soft tape, very similar to medical bandage tape. It’s about 2 cm wide, 1 mm thick.

I hang as follows: With the same piece of tape, wrap once just below the glans, then another wrap with the shoe lace, then a 3rd wrap to close shoe lace.

It’s actually rather comfortable! Since it anchors to the skin evenly (as the masking tape is wrapped around the whole circumference), and I don’t feel any pain whatsoever, no blood fills the head, etc.

I read about the need to anchor to the penis ligaments rather than the skin that covers it, but unless you actually pierce (!) your penis, this is practically impossible. My hanger does a good job stretching the penis without hurting the skin.

In fact, after trying hanging with the soft masking tape, I find it hard to figure out how non-adhesive plastic hangers can achieve a good, even hang without too much preassure…

I hang with 2.5 Kg right now: I suppose that when I’ll go higher weights, I’ll have to make an extra go-around with the tape so It’ll stick to more skin to support the additional weight.

Anyways, thoughts and comments are appreciated.


Prime Alpha

The main question I think of when judging a hanger’s effectiveness is; does it hit the ligs? When you strap on your hanger, is it stretching your skin or your ligs more? The idea is to stretch the ligs.

Here’s a great thread about hanger tightness. What I got from it is that you have to tighten enough on the tissues that the pressure is applied to the ligs.

Your hanger does sound rather cheap and inconspicuous though. Let us know how it works and where you are feeling the stretch.

When taping it on, I stretch the skin back (towards the body), so there’s no skin to stretch. I feel the stretch in the ligaments.

However, after a few days of working with this and increasing the weight above 4Kg, I noticed you were right, that some preassure is needed, as the adhesive is not strong enough to hold the weight (and any stronger adhesive is dangerous to stick on your penis).

I think a combination of some (safe) adhesive tape and preassure is required (in my case, tying a knot with the shoe lace: Maybe some of the hangers you discuss on the board can be modified to accomodate an adhesive).

Since an adhesive tape means you have to apply less preassure, maybe it can solve some of the problems people discuss, such as blood in the head, etc. It also prevents the hanger from sliding forward and pulling on the penis head too much.

Maybe I’ll get to work on a combination between a hanger (from the schematics on the site) with tape as “backup”. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Over the years, many different types of hanging methods have been tried, including tape. The primary problem with methods that do not involve pressure is that they are ineffective, only providing skin stretch. Also, they are very limited in the amount of weight that can be hung.

Be sure to avoid any type of hanging that involves anything resembling a noose. Also avoid placing pressure in the area directly behind the top of the head.


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