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Problem with wrap

Problem with wrap

He guys I just started hanging but I have a problem.
If I wrap as it is shown on the pictures, my foreskin slides completly over my glans when the hanger is applied(I am uncut). I can not wrap harder because of blood circulation.
So I wanted to know, if it is ok to wrap with my foreskin over my glans?
And what do you think about this kind of hanging
Piet’s ridge hanger and pulley in action
Is it effective when stretched out and not down?

I just think that I hit a plateu now so I am looking for new ways to PE. I also plan a one week break soon.

Thanks for your replies

Started-Oct04: 5.7/4.8; Current 6.7/5.3

Learning even more about PE(nearly every day)

Changing routine, Current: jelqing, clamping, obends, kegel

A public service announcement from Mr. Nine. I hope this helps.

I’m sorry if not much help, I am cut.

Nine, search results don’t stick around. Your link doesn’t work. :(

I’m cut, but as I’ve said before I don’t see how that makes any difference. The weight will be taken by the internals, the skin, the head or some combination. The goal is to provide adequate tension on the internal structures.

As you said, you don’t want to wrap tighter. I’m not sure what problem you are having. If the skin goes over the head, let it. Look at Piet’s pics in the thread you linked. No problem there.

If your skin from the hanger to the base is supporting the weight instead of the internal structures, try attaching with slightly more blood in the CC’s. Also, tighten the hanger more. Tighten several times.

I’m not a fan of hanging straight out. For me, it seems to place the load over too many structures at once, requiring more weight to make progress.

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