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Pound Per Minute Theory PPM

Originally Posted by Monty530
This is a very interesting thread.

My routine centered around the use of PEweights on a relatively consistent use throughout the day. I was able to wear my rings for up to 15hrs on many occasions but mostly 8 to 12hrs. I was limited to 1.5hrs of heavy hanging time each day which consisted of 10 to 15lbs of SO and SU work. Incorporated with the heavy hanging sessions, of which I could get in 3X20 minute sets usually, I would apply fulcrums from 3 angles. These fulcrums applied in addition to 10 to 15lbs of static stress I think contributed to my gains.

So now we have to look at the principle here. Is the ADS responsible for the gains after the bust up of the tissues from hanging or is the heavy hanging responsible for gain and ADS just helps in keeping them.

I don’t think we can really separate the two. It really is a package deal that seems to work, at least for me.

I would be interested in Buby running the numbers for my routine, pound per minute wise.

IMO: The ADS all by itself would do very little. I like the comparison to ear rings that eventually pull the lobes down but there is no structure to an ear lobe. When I think back on wearing 2lbs of rings constantly I really don’t believe that anything in and of itself was accomplished. Without the addition of heavier weights I don’t think much would have happened. It would be interesting to see if anyone would be willing to utilize 2lbs or thereabouts for a significant length of time to see if they would achieve gains but knowing human nature I think they would be drawn to upgrade to something heavier at some point.

I think most of us would like to just reach our length goals and be done with it. Long duration routines are not very appealing especially when gains are very imperceptible.


it is easy, just multiply the number of pounds you hang for the number of minutes you kept them on and you will come up with your daily PPM.

I.E. 2 pounds for 8 hours (480 minutes) equals 2 x 480 = 960 PPM

Perseverance wins

My theory says that 1440 PPM (every day) are needed for growth.

Perseverance wins


I shall be happy to to do the computation for your PPM, but you must tell me exactly how many minutes you workout and with how many pounds.

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Originally Posted by buby
I shall be happy to to do the computation for your PPM, but you must tell me exactly how many minutes you workout and with how many pounds.

Sorry for the belated reply. I lost my Hard Drive and after some days of effort to recover finally did. Anyway

do your calc’s on. 2 lbs for 8 hours/day average and 16 lbs for 1 hour/day

09-2003 BPEL:6.0x5.5

11-2004 BPEL:8.25x6.25 . . 9+ by Spring is the goal AIR CLAMP

Now BPEL:8 5/8 x 6 5/8 PE Weights

Easy done:

8 hours make 480 minute, hence, 2 (pounds) time 480 (minutes) yield 960 pounds per minute.
1 hour makes 60 minutes, hence, 16 (pounds) time 60 (minutes) yield 960 pounds per minute.

If this is your routine, then you are making (960 PPM + 960 PPM) = 1920 PPM a day.

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I have made a numerical table and a graph which I shall try to attach to this post. It shows different possible combinations of weight and time required to reach the 1440 PPM. The graph shows the time weight relationship. Personally, I believe that the most feasible routine is the one that requires 90 minutes of hanging with 15 pounds, but I would like to be able to reach the ability of doing only 60 minutes with 24 pounds.

Suggestions and comments are welcome.

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Perseverance wins

Originally Posted by Aggro
The key to the theory is low force but beyond a min threshold (~1 lb) combined with a min period of time (~ 8hrs/day) to induce cell mitosis.
There is a reason why traction devices only go up to ~ 2 lbs.

Think of how the tummy skin stretches as someone becomes obese. Big difference in the stretched skin at the end compared to the start. But this takes place over a very long period of time (with low force). Wouldn’t work if high force is applied over much shorter time.

You’re right. I can personally attest that if you gain weight too quickly (too high force over too short time), you get expanded skin, but it’s scarred by stretch marks.

Tu ne cede malis!

Start: 4 Feb 2006 BPEL=5.2" NBPEL=3.6" EG=4.9" turtle<=BPFL<=4.1" BPFSL=5.6" FG=4.1"

I am starting to think that,
if it is true that a full rounded routine is a sound approach to PE,
there should be no reason to only hang, or clump, or jelq, kegel or pump.
Thus, if one could think of splitting his time into the five practices,
it might result much less boring than spending two hours a day in front of your PC with weights hanging from your dick, or in the bathroom or in front of your porn.
Assuming that each practice is effective in an equivalent way,
why not trying to hang only 1/5Th of 1440 PPM and do also 1/5Th of each other discipline to maintain or increase results?

Please, think about it and say your opinion

Perseverance wins

buby, great thread. I do like your PPM theory. Is it tue? Well, if an increase in the force (weight) brings about liniar increases in stretch, yes it is true.

Lets just say for one moment that it is true, then a guy could find a weight that is a happy medium. A weight that is heavy enough to allow for shorter periods of hanging, while light enough as to not cause excessive discomfort, or damage to other tissues in the penis aside from the ligs. That happy medium could vary from person to person.

Speaking of liniar, I just took a look at a good thread called “Penile Stress/Strain Relationship” by mbuc. It seems that an increase in force from 1 kg (2.2 lbs) is not liniar to 2 kg (4.4 lbs), there is a curve, but at 2 kg and higher, things start to level off and may be liniar. Take a look at the thread for yourself buby, and see what you think. You must look at the graphs on page 3 of the thread, because corrections were made and posted on page 3 concerning mistakes on the original post. mbuc seems to be quite an intelligent fellow.

Sorry Thunder, thanks for the correction, that will help me remember how to spell it correctly.

I started clumping, it is too fun!

Perseverance wins

This is a very interesting post, thanks buby.

Do you think if you go beyond 1440 PPM a day you are just wasting time? Or do you think more is better?After you are conditioned.


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