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Pound Per Minute Theory PPM

Ok, try to ADS with 2 pounds, you’ll feel it in you ligs at night and it’s the same amount of trouble.

Just thinking but, if you are not interested in “authorship” why would you want to cut and paste my thread into yours?

Originally Posted by JD76
Monty hangs SO pretty much exclusively. But he also hangs with his PE weights,sometimes for many hours a day. So,I can’t help but wonder if his gains are mainly because of his heavy hanging or the many hours of using ADS(PE weights).


If someone hangs SO, then they are focusing on tunica growth, from what I understand. From what I saw of PEweights, they can only be hung SD.

The more efficient route would be to ADS around the waist if someone is hanging SO.

But this table is something that I was thinking of before it was posted (not trying to take credit for it). But I was wondering about the upside of a mixed routine - one that combines elements of Bib’s routine along with xeno’s routine - which is, I guess, Monty’s routine minus the decon break (although I have never read Monty’s approach, so I don’t know if he advocates breaks).

I was thinking, hang whatever weight to get some stress on the targeted area, then use an ADS afterward. My thought was to try to eliminate the drastic weight increase, and time commitment, of the Bib program along with the fact that xeno’s IPR method is formulated for him, specifically, within the concept of IPR. But obviously some people heal faster, some slower, than others. Which may explain why some gain using xeno’s IPR protocol, while some don’t.

Which means that someone has a baseline of what their gains for time invested is. Some won’t, which would mean that they wouldn’t have the specs that worked for xeno. In which case they would either be using specs that worked for xeno or using intuition….

And if intuition is being used, I’m thinking that a hang/ADS program (similar to Monty’s), along with necessary decon breaks may work. And this program may eliminate gains not having been cemented before going into an IPR rest phase.

All of this is just a thought since I don’t think that I can even wear an ADS for an extended amount of time each day, at this point, without adverse effects. All of which may support the need to individualize routines.

Originally Posted by Tivase

And if intuition is being used, I’m thinking that a hang/ADS program (similar to Monty’s), along with necessary decon breaks may work. And this program may eliminate gains not having been cemented before going into an IPR rest phase.

I’m not sure about decons: if you keep using the same stress, eventually it is not a stress to you and you do not feel fatigue, which turns out to be is a decon break by itself. Rather, I’d think of increasing the weight as it quits inducing fatigue, even if worn for hours. The cons are that you cannot keep an ADS with too much weight without limiting circulation and that is the point at which you have to start with higher weight for shorter sessions.


Your PPM increases as your resistance does

Perseverance wins

This is all very interesting to me too, it’s got me wanting to invent a mini hanger of some sort to try this theory out.. I am one of those who tried hangin and jumped to a weight of 15 lbs quick and it stretched me out like hell, but I could not handle this in any realistic dose of sets, could only handle like one 20 min set then my penis was cooked. Buby’s theory could help people reach more realistic stresses without killing themselves, not to mention make more people wanna stick with it for longer since it won’t feel like you’re killing yourself like I did when hanging hard.


you are right but having to do 12 or 13 twenty minute sessions with 5 or 6 pounds is a problem too, I mean, it must be the only thing you do in life, or very close to it…

What I am trying to do is condition my unit with low weights, but still reaching the necessary 1440 PPM and try to increase the weight very slow, like half of a pound per week, in order to be able to limit my training to four 20 minute sessions with 18 pounds which would yield the same score.

Starting with one pound an increasing the weight by half a pound per week, it will take about 9 months to become able to make four session with 18 pounds without trouble.

I am sure that in this period I will also gain, as I have already, as the cumulative effort is the same, the difference being only the time involved.

I suspect that sooner or later the growth will make the body stronger and that a higher PPM will be needed for incremental growth, but I cannot tell jet.

Perseverance wins


for my experience, the smaller the hanger, the greater the discomfort.

You could try to make a foam pipe and tape captain’s hook hanger: easy, cheap and comfortable

Perseverance wins


Perseverance wins

For most guys there comes a time where further gains is almost impossible, No matter what weight you use or time you invest.

Originally Posted by kristian69
For most guys there comes a time where further gains is almost impossible, No matter what weight you use or time you invest.

I have to disagree. I think that growth is only limited by what we can reasonably do. I think even the most “conditioned” person can achieve results if there is proper stimulus. If you apply sufficient stress you will get a physiological response. If you attach enough weight to the penis it will respond in some way. Whether it is by tissue stretching or ripping off the body, something will have to give. I think the issue is that sometimes overcoming conditioning becomes impractical. In other words the amount of weight or time becomes unreasonably forbidding. Breaking these barriers without injury is the real challenge.

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

iquana, Tension vs time is a very interesting topic, I am calculating hours myself, But if it was that easy I should have reached my goals by now. I have done extreme routines (hours a day) for months without any gains at all. The only thing that finally worked for me was a two months break.

We are talking live tissue here and it reacts different to stress than a steel rod or a bungee cord would.

The physiological response to extreme stress is often retraction and shrinkage, Mostly temporary, But a few guys has actually reported “permanent” loss of size.

I agree that something has to give if you use enough weight, But your common sense will stop you from ripping it off your body :)

Yes, you are absolutely right. I’m not advocating extreme stress as a training protocol. I agree with you that the best results are achieved by lower stresses for longer times. But, due to the body’s ability to adapt, eventually the lower stresses don’t achieve the same results. So we have to up the weight. Is there ever a point that the body cannot or will not respond to increased stress loads? IMHO, I don’t think so. I don’t think the limiting factor is in the body. I think it is in our approach to training. I think we tend to up the anti too fast and don’t reach our full gain potentials. Maybe I’m wrong? I just think if the proper (key word) stimulus is applied we will get results.

Let me tell you the secret that has led me to my goal: my strength lies solely in my tenacity.

Louis Pasteur

That was a very good post Iquana! I really don`t think we disagree :)

I have found that xenos protocol works very well (at least for me), The only “problem” is that gains stops after two weeks on the routine, And the reason IMO is that we start out at too high tension, I may be wrong, And it may be very difficult to keep gaining after the first two weeks, But I won`t give up before I have tested my ideas. There could be a few different ways around the conditioning that we experience, And starting at lower intensity than what we normally would is one of them. This is what I am testing right now.

We all want to gain as fast as possible, And we quickly get to our max tension because of this, So we really don`t know if we could gain the same from half the tension, And possible keep the conditioning at a minimum.

This is a very interesting thread.

My routine centered around the use of PEweights on a relatively consistent use throughout the day. I was able to wear my rings for up to 15hrs on many occasions but mostly 8 to 12hrs. I was limited to 1.5hrs of heavy hanging time each day which consisted of 10 to 15lbs of SO and SU work. Incorporated with the heavy hanging sessions, of which I could get in 3X20 minute sets usually, I would apply fulcrums from 3 angles. These fulcrums applied in addition to 10 to 15lbs of static stress I think contributed to my gains.

So now we have to look at the principle here. Is the ADS responsible for the gains after the bust up of the tissues from hanging or is the heavy hanging responsible for gain and ADS just helps in keeping them.

I don’t think we can really separate the two. It really is a package deal that seems to work, at least for me.

I would be interested in Buby running the numbers for my routine, pound per minute wise.

IMO: The ADS all by itself would do very little. I like the comparison to ear rings that eventually pull the lobes down but there is no structure to an ear lobe. When I think back on wearing 2lbs of rings constantly I really don’t believe that anything in and of itself was accomplished. Without the addition of heavier weights I don’t think much would have happened. It would be interesting to see if anyone would be willing to utilize 2lbs or thereabouts for a significant length of time to see if they would achieve gains but knowing human nature I think they would be drawn to upgrade to something heavier at some point.

I think most of us would like to just reach our length goals and be done with it. Long duration routines are not very appealing especially when gains are very imperceptible.

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