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Poll: Hanging only or...?

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Should hanging be the only exercise in your routine?

Yes, hanging only is superior when going for length. Girth work later.


No, you should hang AND do your girth work. Length and girth grow simultaneously, no problemo!

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Poll: Hanging only or...?

I want to get your opinions on one crucial (?) issue:

When you have decided to go for length with hanging as your main approach; should you focus only on hanging or should you be doing girth work at the same time?

Or put differently:

1) Length only
2) Length and girth at the same time?

Of the two options I chose hanging only, but this is a bit misleading.

Most hanging routines involve a five minute or so Jelq set after every hang set. I personally do 15-20 minutes hang, 5 minutes jelq, 5 minutes rest, and repeat.

There are two reasons for this in my mind;

1) Hanging takes up a LOT of time. The consensus is basically the more time you spend at fatigue, the faster you will gain (within reason). If you are going for length, it will go faster if you devote your time to hanging.

2) Many hangers, myself included, experience girth gains as well as length gains. It may not be necessary to incorporate girth exercises into your hanging routine to also gain girth.

If you want more information, there are 10+ very long threads that discuss this topic in depth that you can easily find with the search function.

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Thanks fish :)

I will search again…

Nobody listens to me any more! ;)

Originally Posted by iamaru
The thing to remember is that you are not actually resting. Massage, then light jelqing, then heat, then wrap that puppy back up for more hanging. Plenty of guys gain some girth from that kind of hanging regiment, myself included.

iamaru - Advice on hanging please

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Nobody listens to me any more!

I’m sorry iamaru, were you saying something? :-)

Ha ha ha, sorry iamaru! I just don’t like that answer so I search for other opinions… :)

But ok, let’s say that I will do as you say. I am aiming to grow from 17-22 cm NBEP and from 13-16 cm MSEG. Should I just hang (with light jelqing etc as suggested) until I have reached 22 cm (meaning I probably will have a pencil dick for quite some time) or should I hang until I have reached 20 cm (nice length) first, then get girth up to maybe 14,5-15 cm, and then hang again until I reach 22 cm, then go for that last cm of girth, and finally maintenance work… ?

iamaru? I’m listening :)

More input please!

There isn’t a true consensus about this question, Crabman. Many feel girth work stopped length gains, others say it did no difference, others again that they gained length only when working girth. My personal opinion is that in the first months one has to work on both at the same time; after the initial stage, separate work is better. A very committed length routine will lower EQ after a while, which is per se detrimental for girth gains. On the other side, girth work leaves your penis fatter, and the fatter it is, the more force is required to lengthen it.

Hang to 22 then do girth as iamaru or I have suggested.

That’s not what you want though, so you’ll ask around until someone tells you otherwise and then you’ll do that, so good luck with that.

I would base my advice on your stats, pics and goals. You are only after a little over an inch in length. It is different from person to person but I think most agree that length gains come easier than girth gains. You may find that it takes much longer to get the inch of girth you are after than the inch of length. For that reason I would suggest that you do both. Moderate length work should be sufficient for you to gain an inch. As was mentioned, EQ is sacrificed with more intense length work and I am not sure that is ideal for any PE routine.

Some here have lengthy edging sessions after serious length work just to maintain EQ but then you are getting into marathon PE sessions and who has time for that (I hope very few…we need to be balanced).

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Goal 8 x 6 (preferably NBPEL)

It does look like you are opinion shopping. You have decided what you want to hear and will keep asking around until someone finally tells it to you. You have decided on a number of “facts” without any evidence to back them up.

Nothing we say will convince you that you are heading for a broken penis or that hanging alone may well lead to girth gains.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

iamaru: Thank you again! I’m listening, but first I wanted to hear a few opinions. I would not call that opinion shopping but critical thinking. To take the first opinion as truth would just be stupid as I don’t know if that guy is right or not. I have not decided at all. I am actually more and more leaning towards your suggestion: Hanging (+ jelqing) only. Just need to weigh the arguments, and accept the idea that I can’t have it my way (always a bitch…). I don’t want to have a long and thin dick but it looks like I need to accept that it may be the best way to go.

…”break my dick”? Now why would I do that? If you are referring to my weights then you need not worry. I did not feel any stretch at all before 4 kg. I think that is a great weight for me, not too high at all. I am not increasing the weights more if I don’t need to. Instead I will try to go for more sets. All PI:s are good, actually even better than before I started to hang. No EQ problems at all. Hornier than ever for some reason. I am extremely careful with my penis. I waited a long time before I decided to hang and I was scared shitless the first time I tried it (with 1 kg…). I have not injured myself since my first injury that I got during the newbie program. That was from jelqing and it was months before I recovered from that so I am very aware and thoughtful in anything I do to my dick since then.

Sirkyle: So it might be a bad idea to hang until I reach 20 cm, then catch up with girth before I go for the last 2 cm of length? Bummer… 22*13 cm can’t be a pretty sight…

ddolphin: Thanks! “You are only after a little over an inch in length” Yeah, “just” :) I like your attitude! My real long term goal is 22 *17 (or maybe 16…) cm, but right now it seems more likely that I will become the next king of Sweden…My one year goal is 20* 15 cm, a gain of 2,5-3 cm NBPEL and almost 2 cm MSEG. Doable? Don’t know. But if I am gonna hang only I will have to revise that goal. Maybe 22 * 13 cm in a year? Damn, I cringe when I see those numbers together ha ha ha.

Thanks everyone!!!

I’ll keep on hanging… at least up to 20 cm. But I can’t promise that I won’t raise a few questions now and again. And I might not agree with everyone all the time. There seems to be many roads to success, and I am always looking for the best one.

OMG, I have been writing that I hang with 4-5 kg. Wrong! It is 2-3 kg (3 kg the first set, then 2 kg). Sorry! (In my head I translated to pounds, but then I wrote kg anyway…) My bad…

Originally Posted by Crabman99
OMG, I have been writing that I hang with 4-5 kg. Wrong! It is 2-3 kg (3 kg the first set, then 2 kg). Sorry! (In my head I translated to pounds, but then I wrote kg anyway…) My bad…

That certainly changes your chance of injury. My concern was how quickly you were hanging 4-5kg. You may well need to be at 4-5kg before you see gains but don’t rush it.

Remember the idea is to get bigger, not hang heavier. So what ever weight you do start seeing gains at stick with until it stops working.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

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