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Advice on hanging please


Too complex. Go to bib’s and read about the proper way to do this. If your going to hang for length, eliminate all of the other craziness and devote your time to hanging.

Hang 2kg for 15-20 minute sets, and do 5 minutes of Jelq and 5 minutes of warm up between sets. Also, its best if you can apply heat during the first half of each set.

Add one set per week until you reach 5-6 sets a day.

Once you are doing 5-6 sets a day (1.5-2 hours of total hang time) start adding .5 kg a week until you can reach fatigue within the first 2 sets.

Hang at fatigue until you need to lower the weight, then remove a kg and keep going until you finish your 5-6 sets.

Rinse and repeat.

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What the drunken fish posted.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

What he said but:

Start lower, maybe only 1.25kg and add only 0.25kg per week. That’s what I do.

Read a lot on Bib’s site.

Figure out your LOT and hang accordingly (read about it)

My experiences of old school hanging:

BIB hanger, thera-wrap, strips cut from an old sweatshirt, and some weight plates with string tied to them.

Twenty minute sets with 10-15 minute “rest” periods in between. The thing to remember is that you are not actually resting. Massage, then light jelqing, then heat, then wrap that puppy back up for more hanging. Plenty of guys gain some girth from that kind of hanging regiment, myself included.

And don’t bump the weight up on a set schedule. If you are seeing gains don’t bump up the weight at all. If you are spending >10 hours/week in the hanger, are not seeing gains, and your unit is tolerant of what you are doing to it add 1/2lbs.

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Thank you all for good advice! Highly appreciated!

One problem with this kind of hanging routines is that you can’t have a job or a family… ;) 6 sets is just way to much for me. I’m doing 3 * 20 min and that’s already too much time for me.

Guess I will have to hope for the same results as Steelfire, we have very similar routines.

Hanging start - A bit different approach

But, I surely will considering getting unemployed and divorced if this does approach does not work out for me ;)

Seriously, I will give this a shot my way first (but I will adjust as much as possible to your tips). If it does not work I will make sure to restart the “correct” way. Just need to figure out how to find enough time and privacy first.

Thanks guys!

Originally Posted by Crabman99
One problem with this kind of hanging routines is that you can’t have a job or a family.

Very true.

It is perfect for someone that spends 40+ hours a week in a home office.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Yes, but what do we mortals do?

Originally Posted by Crabman99
Yes, but what do we mortals do?

Just a suggestion assuming that you have a place of privacy… Hang after everyone goes to bed and/or hang before everyone wakes up. I know that it would be very hard to do if you have a draining job and a lot of family responsibilities. Maybe you can take a short nap here and there during the day? Drink lots of coffee… Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Another idea is to use a comfortable ADS/ANS like the ones Monkeybar sells. This is to complement the heavier part of your routine.

I did not read your entire routine after it got complicated. Keep it simple, hang with fatigue as much as possible then keep it in the extended state as long as possible. Eliminate girth work while hanging for gains.

Good luck,

Really? No girth work at all while hanging? That would mean I would have a pencil dick in a year…

Do light jelqing after hanging. I haven’t lost girth so far after over 2 monts.

“Do light jelqing after hanging. I haven’t lost girth so far after over 2 months”
- But I have not even started to gain in girth.

“Eliminate girth work while hanging for gains.”
- Is this a fact? Should you never combine workouts for length and girth? Both hanging and pumping should be done every day, but this would mean I first need to hang every day for a period of time (i.e. length goal reached) and then, and only then, starting with pumping (every day) and other girth exercises?…

So first hanging, then pumping on the same day is a no no??? Veterans, please, please answer this!!!

If you haven’t gained any, you probably won’t lose any, so that’s perfect :)

The joke’s on you bro: First you complain that hanging takes too much time and now you want to do hanging and pumping?
If you have too much time, hang more sets.

(To late to edit the above post so here we go again)

In a perfect world I would like length and girth to grow at the same time, who wants a long thin dick, or a fat short one???

Is going for both length and girth impossible or just making things harder?

Or is there another answer…? (He thought suspiciously… ;) )

SirKyle: I am not trying to be ignorant and I don’t complain. I just try to get some facts and some tips from my more experienced PE-colleagues :)

From hanging 101:
“Length First, Girth Second
If you are debating whether to hang, you should consider whether you want to gain any more length. If you gain too much girth, you may find that it’s too difficult or even impossible to make good length gains. An analogy often used is that it’s easier to stretch a thinner rubber-band. If you are incredibly thick, you’ll need more weight, or more force to stretch your tunica. Another issue is that the scarring or toughening that occurs with big girth gains, can actually prevent hanging gains, while the opposite doesn’t seem true. Hangers seem to have no problem gaining girth once they stop hanging.”

But then I look at some veterans like Memento and others and they were doing length and girth at the same time, and they seem to have had great results.

I am just very confused and would really like some advice on this. Thank you!

/Your humble PE-colleague
ps Very sorry if I offended someone. I was just trying to spice up my post a bit. No harm meant! I am in awe of the hangers that have made big gains!

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