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Poll: Hanging only or...?

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Should hanging be the only exercise in your routine?

Yes, hanging only is superior when going for length. Girth work later.


No, you should hang AND do your girth work. Length and girth grow simultaneously, no problemo!

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Probably :)

So. I only hang and I do it with low weights.

See, I am listening after all ;)

Jesus, I am an imbecill. I just realized I only hang with 2,5 kg the first set and then 2 kg… Not 5, then 4. Not 3 then 2.

For crying ot loud, how hard is it to read a number on a weight plate?

/Soy un perdedor, I’m a loser baby, so why don’t you kill me?

I’m really starting to doubt your intelligence.

Just so you know: If you can’t curl it with one hand, it’s probably over 10kg. You shouldn’t hang that until you figure out how to work a bit more precisely :)

Thanks Sir!

I am also doubting… I really should not do anything at all until I learn to read again. Checking in at the nearest psych ward immediately. Will try to get some looney to hang from my dick. Checking out when I hang 8*7 and have restored my mental health again.


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