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Penis to fold at 90 degrees + hang

Penis to fold at 90 degrees + hang


I don’t know if there are threads who speaks about that.

Look at the picture and say what do you think about this exercise. I’ve never practised it cause I don’t know if it’s dangerous or not.


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To be or not to be Dick Rivers, thas is the question


There are many posts even with pics about hanging with angles. The first one that comes to my mind is Piet’s. Take a look at this, Rocco:

Piet’s ridge hanger and pulley in action

When you hang weights you don’t need to do it just straight down, you can work with angles. There are several articles about tunica vs. ligaments and the LOT theory and the recommended angles for pulling your dick.


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Ok Mafero, but on the picture I’ve post, it’s the penis who is folding.

It’s not question about SO, SD etc…

The 90 degrees angle is on the penis.

I hope you understand, I’m not a boss in english, if you don’t I’ll re-explain.

Thanks about the replie,

See ya


To be or not to be Dick Rivers, thas is the question

Oh wow, Rocco, it’s not your English but my bad eyes I guess. Sorry, friend. I didn’t see that what is folding over that stick is a dick and not a rope. Actually, your graphic is very clear. I don’t know what happened to me.

Well, that is the so called A-stretch. The difference between the A-stretch and your graphic is that you do the A-stretch exercise by bending your dick down over your forearm or wrist instead of over that piece of stick or whatever.

Check the A-stretch exercises and also the V-stretch.



concerning A-stretch, I practice it with DLD Blasters.

If we hang like that, do you think it’s dangerous? With A-stretch, we release the penis sometimes.

Here, with penis folder, the stretch stay 15 minutes non-stop.

See ya

To be or not to be Dick Rivers, thas is the question

Hanging with a fulcrum is all that I seen, It’s nothing new. I haven’t done much of it.

Fulcrums are a neat way to increase stretch at any given spot. Your doing a downward fulcrum. Now move up to the next level and do 90 deg. UP fulcrums or left and right fulcrums over the leg. If you use your thumb instead of the stick or whatever then you can change the fulcrum point and move it while your hanging.

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